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Exploring Exploratory Testing

Articles all about Exploratory Testing

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  • What Is Exploratory Testing? An Alternative To Scripted Testing And Try To Break It Testing
    3 min read

    Simon Tomes shares how Exploratory testing differs from scripted testing and the "trying to break it" mentality of testing

  • What Is Exploratory Testing? Four Simple Words To Level Up Your Testing Efforts
    2 min read

    Simon Tomes shares what exploratory testing is and how it can help level up your testing efforts

  • What Is Exploratory Testing? An Iterative And Collaborative Learning Technique For The Whole Team
    2 min read

    Simon Tomes explores an alternative way to defining Exploratory testing and how it can help the whole team

  • The Awesome Power Of The Debrief: Why Debriefing Is The Key To Successful Exploratory Testing
    11 min read

    Callum Akehurst-Ryan explores the value of debriefs at the end of Exploratory testing sessions

  • Cultivate Your Credibility With Oracles And Heuristics
    6 min read

    Learn how Oracles and Heuristics can expand your exploratory testing and improve your credibility as a tester with Lee Hawkins

  • A Balancing Act: Finding A Place For Exploratory Testing
    3 min read

    Learn how Elizabeth Zagroba balanced Exploratory testing with other testing activities to discover more

  • A Really Useful List For Exploratory Testers
    3 min read

    Simon Tomes has curated a list of the essential blogs, tools and sources for idea creation for exploratory testing