Tuesday 8th January

Make links acccessible by using contrasting colour

Turns out, dark blue on a dark grey is not a particuarly good contrast. We've changed the link colour to a birghter yellow, which should make them more accessible.

Thursday 3rd January

First bug fix of the new year:

Unable to submit reviews if original submission was invalid

If an invalid review was submitted, you wouldn't then be able to submit it at all. This is now fixed, so don't worry if you hit submit by mistake :-)


Monday 31st December

What are you doing New Year's Eve? Fixing bugs I introduced. It's a non-stop party here at MoT.

Duplicate proposal reviews requested

Once you have reviewed a proposal, you shouldn't be asked to review it again. We had a bug whereby that was true, right up until someone else also reviewed the proposal, at which point it was added back into the pool of reviewable proposals. A bit of SQL magic later, and that should now be prevented.

Thursday 27th December

TestBash Proposal Reviews

As part of our commitment to make TestBash a community driven conference, we have added the ability for members to review abstracts that have been put forward for our events. Read the launch announcement and strat reviewing.

Thursday 6th December

Pro member TestBash registration

Pro members should get a discount on TestBashes, and the way we've been doing that has been a bit... let's be polite and say convoluted. Now, if you are logged in with your pro account and viewing an event where you should get a discount, the Register button will let you purchase tickets with the discount applied.

Lesson Previous and Up Next list shows subscription type indicator

You're watching a TestBash video, you're enjoying it, then it ends and moves onto the next video but "Oh No!", the next video is for pro members only. Why, oh why did I not know that before? Well, now we've added the required subscription icon to the up next lessons, so it won't be coming as a surprise. (A reminder that pro membership is less than the cost of a TestBash ticket, and for that you get access to all videos from all events)

Increase prominence of our Code of Conduct

We want everyone who attends our events, or uses our platforms, to feel welcomed and able to discuss things without being harassed. We've updated our Code of Conduct and made it more prominent on the website to be sure everyone knows where we stand and the behaviour we expect from our users, and importantly, ourselves.

Wednesday 17th October

New footer for all pages

There is a footer on each of the recently built landing pages that we decided should be rolled out to all pages. This footer gives better links throughout the site and gives each page a nicer look (in our opinion at any rate).

Indication of subscription type required to view lesson

Some lessons require either a (free) Club accout, or a Pro account to view. We have added an indicator that tells you what account you need to view the lesson, but it is only shown if are not signed in to an account of the required type.

Thursday 20th September

In an earlier release, I mentioned we were working on some things and here is one of them, finally released fully into the wild.

Attend TestBash

A new landing page with all you need to know about attending a TestBash conference. What are the upcoming events? What is this scholorship you hear so much about? The answers are all on this new page. It even has pictures.

TestBash invitations to speak

This past week or so has seen the first use of our new process for inviting and confirming TestBash speakers. Whilst it held up quite well, we did have a bug that prevented people seeing what invalid information they had submitted, causing me to trawl through logs to find the error. While fixing that, found and fixed another bug that would have prevented anyone who had previously presented from confirming their presenter details. Have also done some more work to clean up the copy/look of emails sent as part of the submissions process.

Thursday 13th September


We've streamlined the catalog by removing some duplicated entries and adding a section to highlight our AMAs.

Proposal submissions

It was pointed out to us that the email we send thanking people for CCFP submissions was a bit sparse and didn't give any useful information. We've changed the copy to highlight things like which TestBashes you have submitted to and added links to pages of our site that have more information about the CCFP and the submissions process.

Fix bug allowing change of username

Your username is used by The Club, and we don't allow changes to username because it breaks the links to all your fine questions and answers. Some smart fellow (they should be a tester!) found a way to do it, so we've closed off that particular loophole.

Monday 20th August

Wow, it's been while, hasn't it? Rest assured (which is not a tool we use) that things have been happening in the background. We've been working on a couple of things that have been constantly deployed, but just are not accessible yet. They'll be added here as soon as we make those live, so look out for that. The other background work is upgrading the libraries we use. This release removes the last known gem that had a known issue.

YouTube feed

Did you see we added testing related videos to our list of feeds? You can also subscribe to weekly alerts letting you know of the great content that has been added over the week.

Wednesday 25th July

Fix bug preventing TestBash submissions from being written

We use CKEditor as a WYSIWYG for entering proposal details. There was a problem caused if your browser was using a language CKEditor did not understand. We now revert to English if there is no translation for the supplied language.

Friday 13th July

You may also like...

We do a lot of cool things here at the Ministry, and we want to be able to tell you about them. We've added the ability to show you events or articles that might be relevant when you peruse specific pages.

Monday 2nd July

Add accepted CCFP proposals to speakers list

BossBoss does a lot of great things for MoT and our community, so this change will give him back a little bit of time to devote to those awesome things. When you accept an offer to speak, you will be added to the speakers list, which saves Richard having to do it manually. Automation FTW.

Reply to job applicant

To save you having to copy and paste the applicant's email address, using reply to on a job application email will now use their email address.

Make live chat available to visitors

We've made it so our live chat can be set up for use by non-MoT account holders if required. For example, if you want to sponser an MoT event, like TestBash San Francisco and have questions, you will be able to speak to us using live chat on the sponsorship pages.

Friday 22nd June (Yes, we deploy on Fridays)

Improve searching to include topic tags

Lessons can have topics and these can now be used for searching. e.g. Search for 'Testbash Andrew' and learn the DevBoss' terrible taste in music with his Tester's Island Discs appearence.

Thursday 21st June

Add Syntax highlighting for use in articles

Have an article in mind that shows code snippets? We now have syntax highlighting so that code will look pretty. What are you waiting for? https://www.ministryoftesting.com/write

Increase CCFP file size limit

Supporting files for CCFP proposals can now be up to 2 megabytes. We even tell you this upfront, so you don't have to submit and be told no before you learn the limit.

Improve searching to include content type

Always wanted to search for videos, or for podcasts? Now you can by including them as keywords in your search. e.g. Search for 'Podcast Andrew' and learn the DevBoss' terrible taste in music with his Tester's Island Discs appearence.