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We Want To Hear Your Stories: Call For Writers!

Here at Ministry of Testing, we’re looking for writers to write articles for The Dojo. The Joy of Sharing Stories We love to hear from and learn from testers actively working in the field. What difficulties you’re coming up against, what revelations you’re having, how you’re solving problems, what useful tools you’ve built or discovered, […]

eBook – My Software Under Test and Other Animals

Here at Ministry of Testing towers, we firmly believe there’s no better way to relax than to be cosied up in the warm glow of a computer or mobile device. Particularly when the computer or mobile device is being used to read one of our fabulous e-books. So without further ado, and for your testing […]

Leadership eBook

While creating the leadership issue [10] of The Testing Planet, we approached a number of experts in the testing field. We wanted to find out what makes them tick. What sort of an environment shaped and moulded them? Is leadership an evolutionary step, or an act of will? I can’t say that you’ll find all of […]

Mr Fails

We would like to introduce you to a good friend of the Cartoon Tester, Mr Fails. He is an excellent tester but he’s gone through a rough time of late. With Mr Fails’ permission, Andy has written a short biography.  You can download it using the big red ‘Download Mr Fails’ button below. Mr Fails […]

Tester Types

[Originally posted here] A few words from Rob: After many years working as a software tester I have met some incredibly interesting people. Along the way these people have in some way shaped the person that I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. What these people also did was give me the […]