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Not Sure About Uncertainty

Risk-based testing (RBT) is defined in terms of the prioritisation of possible test activities based on perceived risks. These will often cover factors such as: Usage:  perhaps we’ll test more on platforms where we have more customers Impact:  if component X failed, all customer data would be lost, so perhaps we should test it Type: […]

eBook – My Software Under Test and Other Animals

Here at Ministry of Testing towers, we firmly believe there’s no better way to relax than to be cosied up in the warm glow of a computer or mobile device. Particularly when the computer or mobile device is being used to read one of our fabulous e-books. So without further ado, and for your testing […]

Show Business

It was Irving Berlin who famously said that there was no business like it but, for me, there’s no business without it. Irving’s version scans better, I’ll give him that, but mine captures an essential aspect of pretty much all successful projects with multiple participants: demonstration. On a project, at some point or points, you’re […]

Skills Paradox

Lucky you! You’ve got skills, but still you know you want more skills. Skills for testing, naturally, for the tools you use, for choosing which tools to use, for the domain you work in, the kind of product you work on, the environment your product is deployed in, for working with your colleagues, for reporting […]