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Android Testing MindMap

Yay to more MindMaps! This one is on Android Testing, a great little cheat sheet to help you consider what testing should be covered on an Android website or app testing project. This one was contributed by Daniel Box, he is a HUAWGE Android geek since the release of the G1 back in 2008 (and claims […]

iOS Testing MindMap / Checklist

This MindMap on iOS Testing comes thanks to Nick and Bernard – thanks guys! Take this as an overview of iOS testing.  There really is so much more detail to go into and this is something that we struggled a bit with – an initial attempt at creating an iOS MindMap just made it balloon into […]

MindMap – Tests You Can Perform With Tools and Add Ons

I keep spotting great MindMaps out in the wild.  This one is by Santosh Tuppad on addons and types of tests you can use. Software testing is so tricky as there is never the same or right answer for each situation or project.  By collecting and referencing these resources and mindmaps we hope that you can […]

Exploratory Testing MindMaps

I had wanted to do a MindMap on exploratory testing, but why do it when a comprehensive one has already been done? I discovered that Carl published a ‘What is Exploratory Testing And How Is It Managed’ MindMap on his QAStuff blog.  Enjoy and say thank you to Carl! 🙂  

MindMap: Testing in Production

This week we have a MindMap on Testing in Production contributed by Seth Eliot – Senior Knowledge Engineer with Microsoft Test Excellence.  You might want to follow him on Twitter to – @setheliot. He did a great ‘Future of Testing’ series over at The Testing Planet, which partly included Testing in Production. I’ve personally been inspired by the […]

MindMap: Testing and Checking

The concept of Testing vs Checking was originally discussed and written about by Michael Bolton.  It’s hard to believe it was back 2009.  The topic seems to keep coming up in conversations, which is why I thought I’d attempt creating a MindMap on the topic. I’ve called it ‘Testing AND Checking’, instead of ‘Testing Vs […]

MindMap: Manual Testing in an Agile Environment

This week we have a MindMap courtesey of Matt Archer who is also running a Manual Testing in an Agile Environment course with us in London later this year, how convenient 🙂 This MindMap is a bit of a gem, or monster as we refer to it.  It’s big and full of useful advice for any tester […]