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Book Excerpt – The Problems With Testing

Meetings Meetings are exactly why testing is in the state it is in today. Time being wasted in meetings is on the increase and the negativity that accompanies most meetings is enough to drag you down for the rest of the day. 10:00 You pitch up for the 10am meeting eager to discuss project details […]

The Brave Plastic Tester

Hooorumph. Another set. Hooorumph. Yet more sets. “More” shouts the foreman. “We need more identikit testers”. “More”. “The industry needs more”. Many of these sets of Plastic Testers would end up testing software all over the world. Some in creative and inspirational environments, others in soul destroying work places. All would leave the factory as […]

The Software Bug

There was once a software company building software. Their managers however were obsessed with planning. They planned for everything. And if a bug was found, but wasn’t officially linked to a test plan, then searching questions were asked. Everything needed a plan. Nothing was done without a plan. It was deemed possible to plan for […]

Conversation: Is The Explosion In Blogs About Testing A Positive Thing, Even If We Don't Agree With The Message

Elizabeth Fiennes: Yes it is as it promotes discussion Markus Gärtner: yes Marlena Compton: Visibility is good. trisherino: yes absolutely! trisherino: Free flow of ideas. If people don’t agree with the message, it will at least get them talking. Rob Lambert: for sure Marlena Compton: +1 for that Markus Gärtner: it helps in bouncing ideas […]

Is Attending Conferences Valuable?

Markus Gärtner: depends Elizabeth Fiennes: oooh, there is a question Marlena Compton: yes…it gets you out of your own fishbowl Elizabeth Fiennes: attending can be expensive, whatever about valuable Marlena Compton: Especially if you are a solo tester or on a small team. Markus Gärtner: attending a conference on the solar system may be of […]

Conversation: So Is A Diploma With Work Experience The Way To Go?

Elizabeth Fiennes: For me, yes Markus Gärtner: that depends trisherino: Sounds like a good idea. Marlena Compton: Seems like it assumes certain limits to software. Markus Gärtner: diversity in work experience would be more interesting to an employer, I think trisherino: I guess it depends on what’s being taught? Marlena Compton: I think I agree […]

Ebook by CBPBOS – Building A Test Team

We stumbled across this crazy eBook by a company called CBPBOS. It’s about recruiting the perfect test team and to be honest, we found it very disappointing. In fact, we found it insulting. Right from the start, it seems to promote nothing but archaic and old fashioned recruitment techniques, with little emphasis on the person. […]

Tester Types

[Originally posted here] A few words from Rob: After many years working as a software tester I have met some incredibly interesting people. Along the way these people have in some way shaped the person that I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. What these people also did was give me the […]