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TestBash 2016

By Diana Dromey

All the videos from TestBash 2016

Emma's 'White Girls Can't Rap'

0h 1m 25s

Emma Keaveny's profile
Emma Keaveny

Software Test Engineer

Test/QA a Gate Keeper’s Experience – Michael Wansley aka TeeWanz

0h 31m 37s

Watch "Test/QA a Gate Keeper’s Experience" TestBash Talk with Michael Wansley

Michael's profile

STE, QA Software Tester,

Building the Right Thing: How Testers Can Help – Lisa Crispin / Emma Armstrong

0h 39m 49s

Lisa Crispin's profile
Lisa Crispin

Quality consultant

Testing or Hacking? Real Advice on Effective Security Testing Strategies – Dan Billing

0h 34m 19s

Daniel Billing's profile
Daniel Billing

Senior Software Engineer

A Pairing Experiment – Katrina Clokie

0h 30m 43s

Watch "A Pairing Experiment" TestBash Talk with Katrina Clokie

Katrina Clokie's profile
Katrina Clokie

Accepting Ignorance – The Force of a Good Tester – Patrick Prill

0h 30m 6s

Watch "Accepting Ignorance – The Force of a Good Tester" TestBash Talk with Patrick Prill

Patrick Prill's profile
Patrick Prill

Model Fatigue and How to Break It – John Stevenson

0h 29m 24s

Do Testers Need a Thick Skin? Or Should We Admit We’re Simply Human? – Nicola Sedgwick

0h 27m 45s

Watch "Do Testers Need a Thick Skin? Or Should We Admit We’re Simply Human?" with Nicola Sedgwick from TestBash Brighton

Nicola Sedgwick's profile
Nicola Sedgwick

Having All Your Testers Code: It Doesn’t Have to be a Big Deal – Anna Baik / Andrew Morton

0h 29m 19s

Anna's profile

Andrew Morton's profile
Andrew Morton


Smart Algorithms – Are We Ready For This? – Bill Matthews

0h 30m 17s

Bill Matthews's profile
Bill Matthews

Nowhere to Hide: Adjusting to Being a Team’s Sole Tester – Nicola Lindgren

0h 26m 49s

Watch "Nowhere to Hide: Adjusting to Being a Team’s Sole Tester" with Nicola Lindgren from TestBash Brighton 2016

Nicola Lindgren's profile
Nicola Lindgren

Senior QA Engineer/ QA Manager

99 Second Talks - TestBash Brighton 2016

0h 38m 16s

Watch these 99 second talks from TestBash Brighton 2016, we bet you can't without smiling!