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TestBash Spring 2023

By Diana Dromey

Rewatch all the great talks from TestBash Spring 2023

Failing for the Right Reason - a Fresh Look on TDD
Michael Milewski, Selena Small

0h 41m 59s

Real code, live demo. Get into the nitty-gritty of using tests to drive out code!

Michael Milewski's profile
Michael Milewski

Senior Developer - Zepto

Selena Small's profile
Selena Small

Team Lead and Senior Developer

Infrastructure Testing Strategy
Mohammad Siddiqui

0h 41m 3s

The talk explores what infrastructure testing means and why it is important.

Mohammad Siddiqui's profile
Mohammad Siddiqui

Senior QA manager

How (Not) to Measure Quality
Michael Kutz

0h 44m 39s

In this talk, I share some general motivations for measuring quality.

Michael Kutz's profile
Michael Kutz

Quality Engineer/Ambassador

Tester Meets CI System
Tobias Geyer

0h 41m 52s

What happens if a curious tester meets a Continuous Integration (CI) system and decides to take care of it?

Tobias Geyer's profile
Tobias Geyer


Test Management Evolution: Collaboration and the End of QA Friction
Tony Grabs

0h 19m 12s

Different QA teams and Devs across the SDLC industry have been separated for long enough.

Tony Grabs's profile
Tony Grabs

Senior Solution Expert

Ask Me Anything: Skills and Strategies for New Test Managers with Laveena Ramchandani
Laveena Ramchandani

0h 46m 53s

During this session, these and more questions were answered live by Laveena Ramchandani.

Laveena Ramchandani's profile
Laveena Ramchandani

Test Manager - Data science & Digital @ EasyJet

Tighten Your Test Automation Feedback Loop
Rowland Hill

0h 21m 35s

Finding and fixing bugs is a headache even for mature DevOps teams.

Rowland Hill's profile
Rowland Hill

Technical Account Manager

Let's Test the Pokemon API with REST and GraphQL
Mirza Sisic, Ioan Solderea

0h 43m s

This is a joint session where two friends will use the Pokemon public API to compare REST and GraphQL API testing.

Mirza Sisic's profile
Mirza Sisic

Testing Consultant

Ioan Solderea's profile
Ioan Solderea

Lead QA

Harness the Power of Debugging!
Kiruthika Ganesan

0h 41m 37s

This talk is a reflection on how debugging has changed my life and empowered me to navigate the various challenges in my career.

Kiruthika Ganesan's profile
Kiruthika Ganesan

Head of Quality Assurance

Discussion: How AI Can Impact Our Testing Roles with Nicola Martin, Tariq King and Daniel Knott
Tariq King, Daniel Knott, Nicola Martin

0h 50m 45s

Richard Bradshaw was joined by three experienced professionals with buckets of knowledge about AI in testing and their introductions were unique!

  • Tariq King's profile
  • Daniel Knott's profile
  • Nicola Martin's profile

ADHD and Me: How Neurodivergence Boosts My Testing
Karen Tests Stuff

0h 46m 11s

Brains are weird, neat, squishy things.

Karen Tests Stuff's profile
Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator

Prioritizing Your Tests by Considering Impact and Value!
Larissa Rosochansky, Rafael Navarro Cintra

0h 42m 27s

Have you ever thought about prioritising your tests using a Design Thinking exercise?

Larissa Rosochansky's profile
Larissa Rosochansky

Senior Manager, QA & Digital Transformation

Rafael Navarro Cintra's profile
Rafael Navarro Cintra

Solutions Engineer, ValueOps & DevOps

99-Second Talks at TestBash Spring
Richard Bradshaw, Vernon Richards, Ben Dowen, Al Goodall, Leah Borsari, Jen Bauer, Shelby Lucci

0h 35m 7s

It wouldn't be a TestBash without our famous 99-Second Talks!

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