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TestBash UK 2023

By Diana Dromey

Watch or re-watch all the awesome talks and sessions on the Main Stage from TestBash UK 2023

The Psychology of Web Performance
Marie Cruz

0h 27m 6s

As humans, we have been exposed to a lot of waiting times.

Marie Cruz's profile
Marie Cruz

Developer Advocate

Using Data to Drive Testing Decisions
Heather Reid

0h 32m 28s

Where to get data and how to use it to make informed testing decisions

Heather Reid's profile
Heather Reid

Test Engineer

The Art of Persuasion for Testers
Thomas Shipley

0h 25m 4s

Testers have the opportunity to lift their teams through new ideas.

Thomas Shipley's profile
Thomas Shipley

Head of QA @ GlobalLogic

Perspectives from a QA Mentor and Mentee: How Mentorship Can Help Your Testing Career
Tamoya Beckford, Davina Scott

0h 25m 49s

"When one person mentors, two lives are changed" - Kevin Sessums

Tamoya Beckford's profile
Tamoya Beckford

Senior Software Developer in Test

Davina Scott's profile
Davina Scott

QA and Test Analyst

Breakdown Your Costly E2e Tests into Efficient Low Level Tests Through Hermetic Testing
Jaswanth Manigundan

0h 29m 24s

End-to-end tests are really good testing solutions that provide greater confidence in the system that it tests.

Jaswanth Manigundan's profile
Jaswanth Manigundan

Staff Quality Coach, Culture Amp

To Test a Component - Testing UI Components in 2023
Tally Barak

0h 29m 28s

UI components are now the building blocks of almost any web software.

Tally Barak's profile
Tally Barak

Software Architect

The Quality Coach: Testing & Quality Leadership In Today's World
Stuart Day

0h 26m 43s

The world of technological advancements never stands still, and neither does how organisations are leveraging it to be successful and stay ahead of their competitors.

Stuart Day's profile
Stuart Day

Head of Quality - Dunelm

Quality Dun Our Way – Top Tips On How To Grow A Successful Quality Culture & Community
Stuart Day, Jamie Blyth, Harj Kaur

0h 15m 4s

Over the last 4 years, Dunelms Quality Chapter has grown from around 15 Quality Advocates (QAs) to now close to 70.

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  • Jamie Blyth's profile
  • Harj Kaur's profile

Exploring Security in Day-to-day Testing
Richard Adams

0h 26m 4s

Security testing sounds like it might be best left to the “experts”...

Richard Adams's profile
Richard Adams

Senior Quality Engineer

Boost Your Brain: Strategies for Effective and Persistent Learning
Eva Podbrdská

0h 24m 21s

The field of software testing is vast and complex.

Eva Podbrdská's profile
Eva Podbrdská

QA Engineer

Shift Left or Shift Right? Why Not Both!
Arlémi Turpault

0h 14m 49s

For testers who have moved beyond unit testing, it can require herculean efforts to rally an organization to increase test coverage.

Arlémi Turpault's profile
Arlémi Turpault

Head of Developer Advocacy

WebDriver For Journalists: Scraping the Web To Report the Truth
Phil Wells

0h 26m 39s

Did you know that in 2021, a Pulitzer Prize was awarded to a project that had WebDriver code at its core?

Phil Wells's profile
Phil Wells

Senior Software Engineer

Physical Disabilities in the Workplace: Find a More Sustainable and Supportive Way to Keep Amazing People
Krys Catterall

0h 22m 42s

As people who have disabilities, we want you to understand what proactive management and recruitment can do, when it’s done with support and care in mind.

Krys Catterall's profile
Krys Catterall

Senior Test Analyst

The Holy Grail of Testing: Have We Found It?
Sergio Freire

0h 17m 13s

Will the next Indiana Jones uncover the Holy Grail of Testing?

Sergio Freire's profile
Sergio Freire

Solution Architect and Testing Advocate

Speed vs Quality: Can You Have Both?
Jitesh Gosai

0h 25m 3s

Working harder often makes people think they must choose speed and sacrifice quality or improve quality and forfeit speed.

Jitesh Gosai's profile
Jitesh Gosai

Principal Tester

Accessibility Charters Introduction
Ady Stokes, Scott Kenyon

0h 27m 7s

Accessibility is an often forgotten or unconsidered system quality criteria or non-functional requirement.

Ady Stokes's profile
Ady Stokes

Quality Engineering Architect

Scott Kenyon's profile
Scott Kenyon

Freelance Digital Delivery Trainer

Reskill, Upskill, Grow: Empowering Quality Engineering Skills
Beth Marshall, Charlotte Gaynor, Andrea Dolan

0h 19m 40s

Join not one, not two, but three Quality Engineers from Lloyds Banking Group

  • Beth Marshall's profile
  • Charlotte Gaynor's profile
  • Andrea Dolan's profile

Building Test Automation Framework from Scratch: The Essential Things
Ivan Karaman

0h 25m 6s

Building a framework for testing from scratch can be a daunting task! It is especially true if you have never done it before. But it doesn’t have to be hard and scary!

Ivan Karaman's profile
Ivan Karaman

Principal Quality Assistance Engineer

99 Second Talks at TestBash UK 2023
Stuart Day, Richard Bradshaw, Lena Nyström, Ash Winter, Gwen Diagram, Gem Hill, Ady Stokes, Emma Keaveny, Robbie Falck, Simon Rigler, Sarah Byng, Scott Kenyon, Ben Dowen, Elmira Jamaljamaliannezhad, Krys Catterall, Constance Armitage, Richard Hinton, Paul Maxwell, Francesco Calvino, Harj Kaur, Ahia Jalil, Emmanuel Anonas, Conor O'Neill

0h 43m 18s

It's not a TestBash without 99 Second Talks!

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