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Why Does Automation Fail? – Tanya Kravtsov

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Talk Description

Automation is supposed to save the world – testing world that is. There are a lot of myths around test automation – Testing can be 100% Automated; Automation is a lot faster than manual testing; Automation can be designed in a way so that it’s maintenance free; Automation can be created without any scripting. While Automation can truly accelerate the software development lifecycle, if done for the wrong reason or not implemented in the right way, it can actually hinder the progress. In this talk I will cover the top reasons why Automation often fails and discuss how it can be prevented and designed in a way to truly benefit the testing process.

About Tanya

Tanya is a founder of the DevOpsQA NJ Meetup group and has been a speaker at conferences like QUEST and Jenkins User Conference. Recently she joined ROKITT – an exciting and innovative startup company – as the head of automation and continuous delivery. She has built a team of engineers and is working with ROKITT customers to transform their development and testing processes. Prior to ROKITT, she established a quality management group at Syncsort and worked at Morgan Stanley as a VP, leading an automation group of 50+ engineers. Tanya is very passionate about process automation, which encompasses test, data and environment automation, as well as continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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What you’ll learn
  • List reasons why automation fails
  • Identify patterns to improve test environments for automation
  • Judge when automation should be applied
  • List tools to support successful automation
  • Identify tools and patterns to improve test data management
  • Identify patterns in our processes that can be automated
  • List attributes and tools for reporting automation
  • Outline automation myths
  • Outline how automating different processes can contribute to an automated pipeline
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