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Influence > Authority and Other Principles of Leadership - Elisabeth Hendrickson

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Talk Description

You're a leader even if you don't think you are. Everyone is. But not everyone realizes it. Like Dorothy stuck in Oz, you have had your red shoes with you all along.

In this talk, we'll look at what leadership is and isn't, why influence is much more important than authority, and how to wield and grow your influence to have a positive impact on your organization.

Along the way, you'll learn how to leverage a set of underlying core principles such as:

  • Don't Be Nice, Be Kind;
  • Shave the Right Yak;
  • To Fix a Problem, First Make it Visible;
  • Fear is a Lousy Compass;
  • To Increase the Intelligence of an Organization, Increase the Connections Within It;
  • Positive Feedback Is More Powerful Than Criticism;
  • and Shifting a Boundary a Few Inches Can Drastically Change an Outcome.

Oh, yes, and of course there will be stories. So. Many. Stories.

What you’ll learn
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