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Integrating AI Into Your Tests - Jennifer Bonine

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Talk Description

In this session Jennifer Bonine will explore new shifts in testing paradigms. Demonstrate an AI first testing method that integrates with your current manual and automation testing, and understand AI that aids your app teams. Re-think where you want to spend time and money in your testing team in a challenge that plagues most companies of too much to test and too little time. This will re-position the testing and quality organizations to not be the last part of what happens, but to provide valuable insights and actionable data for your C-Suite to drive business decisions.


  1. Ideas to reshape your test strategies
  2. An understanding of AI solutioning and where to begin implementing
  3. Analysis of available tooling options in the AI space. (Vendor agnostic)
What you’ll learn

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Jennifer Bonine

About Speaker

<p>Jennifer is experienced speaking at both international &amp; US engagements. She has keynoted Testing and Agile Development conferences. You can see her at Google, Agile and Testing conferences. Jennifer is the CEO of PinkLion AI, a breakout AI company that brings AI to the world's App teams and delivers AI integration with a human engagement model while educating teams on solving challenges with an AI first Jennifer began her career in consulting, implementing large ERP solutions. She brings with her the unique industry perspective of having been on the inside of many of the brand name companies all of us interact with in the entertainment, media, and retail industries among others. Jennifer believes strongly that we should what we do what we are passionate about in life and believes in living your passion. She has held executive level positions leading development and quality engineering teams for Fortune 100 companies in several industries. In a recent engagement, Jennifer served as a strategy executive and in corporate marketing for the C-Suite. She enjoys the challenges of always having new problems to solve and collaborating with new clients worldwide.</p>

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