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Test Leadership In Requirements & Specification Stages

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Venkat Ramakrishnan

Software Testing Technologist Consultant

Talk Description

Much talk happens today about Shift-Left and detecting issues earlier towards better Quality. While project management methodologies that we might adopt could be different, the same principles apply to detecting issues in the requirements and specification stages.

Studies show that a whopping 50% of the defects are because of not capturing the requirements correctly, and a significant percentage because of the functional specifications not peer-reviewed by testers sufficiently.

The challenges have always been how to identify the best way to harmonize the business-talk of the business stakeholders and the development team while gathering the requirements, and how the testers can make the developers see the big picture and tie the loose ends while coming up with the functional specifications. This is not just a technical problem, but involves people, processes, mindsets, and personalities, which need to be understood, to be managed.

In this talk, the speaker will show the audience on how to provide leadership as a tester, in coming with robust requirements and functional specifications by providing quality inputs to the stakeholders and the rest of the team. The speaker will share a system to come up with a framework that the audience can adapt according to their own settings and requirements, for doing so. Note that this system is process-agnostic, and can be applied to any framework like Agile or SDLC.

The speaker has several years of industry experience, and a regular participant in Testing and Quality related discussions.

What You'll Learn

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the impediments in coming up with precise requirements and complete functional specifications
  • Understand the mindsets and perspectives of various stakeholders involved, and how to provide leadership in managing expectations
  • Understand how to provide Test leadership with a keen focus on Quality, while taking part in team discussions with stakeholders and the members of the development team
  • Learn to come up with a framework that's suitable for one's own setup, using a system that the speaker will share in the talk
Venkat Ramakrishnan's profile'

Venkat Ramakrishnan

Software Testing Technologist Consultant

About Speaker

I'm a Software Testing Technologist consulting organizations on Software Testing, Testing Strategy, Testing Solutioning, and Testing Transformation. I live in Bangalore, India (GMT + 5:30). My hobbies are singing, authoring books, writing poems, helping non-profits fundraise and change the world, composing music, and learning spoken languages.

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