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Book Clubs Are The Best

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Joep Schuurkes

quality engineer

Talk Description

At my previous job I felt we could support people more in developing their leadership skills.   So I started a leadership book club, where we discuss two chapters of a book every other week. And very deliberately I made the first book we read Jerry Weinberg's "Becoming a Technical Leader." Because it's a great book, but more importantly because I wanted to start the book club off with his definition of leadership: creating an environment where everyone can contribute. So leadership is for anyone, not just for a "leadership team".

In this talk I'll tell the story of how I started and ran the book club. Of what changed once we were a few books in. And of what value the book club brought.

What you’ll learn
  • How to start and run a book club
  • Book clubs are a good way to connect with more people at work
  • Book clubs can be a place where you practice leadership
Joep Schuurkes's profile'

Joep Schuurkes

quality engineer

About Speaker

Joep wandered into software testing in 2006. After a decade in which he learned (and practiced) exploratory testing and test automation, his focus shifted to a bigger question. How can teams and organizations build and deliver good software? To answer that question, he has been exploring topics such as technical leadership, agile coaching, and software methodologies. Currently Joep is working as a consultant for Quality Accelerators. He has given talks and workshops at conferences throughout Europe. He's also one of the organizers of the Friends of Good Software unconference.

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