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Staying Tool Aware with Sujith Sukumaran

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Sujith Sukumaran

Manager, Quality Engineering at Testlio

Talk Description

Quality Engineering is in a dynamic phase, as much as any other Software Development domain. Five years back, Testing was a bipolar entity — we had Manual Testing and Selenium Automation Testing. But, not anymore. The galaxy of Testing and the idea of Quality is in an expansion mode, like the universe itself.

We have more concepts, improved practices, and a plethora of tools to deal with. Also, there is less specialization as well in the Quality Engineering job roles like how we distinguish expertise as Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, iOS Developer, etc. How can we stay updated in this complex environment and also make the right choices when it comes to tools?

What you’ll learn
  • How the Quality Engineering landscape is evolving?
  • What resources can be put to best use to stay tool aware?
  • How to pick the right tools and build expertise on them?
Sujith Sukumaran's profile'

Sujith Sukumaran

Manager, Quality Engineering at Testlio

About Speaker

I am Manager, Quality Engineering at Testlio with 15 years of experience practicing and preaching Testing, Quality, Automation, etc. It involves anchoring and executing Functional and Non Functional testing demands of high-traffic complex products across platforms and domains. Passionate about doing Engineering leadership with a unique combination of Quality, Test Automation, Agile, Cloud, and DevOps skills.

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