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Of Spies, Fakes and Friends - Help Your Code Lead a Double Life! - Rabea Gleissner

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You’ve started writing unit tests for your applications but aren't quite sure what mocks and spies are about? You sometimes run into trouble because you have so many dependencies in your tests? You don’t know how to test your code that calls an API? Well, this session could help you out! Find out how test doubles come in handy when you’re test driving your code.

In this talk you’ll learn about the different types of test doubles and their purpose. I’ll demonstrate how they can help you make your test driven life a lot easier. There will be code examples for rolling your own test doubles and also for using doubles provided by one of the popular testing frameworks.

Attendees will learn how test doubles can simplify their tests and make the untestable testable. They will also learn to distinguish between the different types of test doubles, which ones to use in which situation and why what we colloquially call a “mock” isn’t always a mock.

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Rabea G

About Speaker

<p>Rabea works as a software developer at 8th Light, a software consulting company that follows the Software Craftsmanship principles. She has worked as a software developer for almost four years now, after changing careers from digital marketing - one of the best decisions she has ever made. Rabea is passionate about encouraging women to join the tech industry and is a voluntary instructor at Code First:Girls.</p>

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