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Selenium Grid 4 & Sauce Labs

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Diego Molina's profile
Diego Molina

Staff Software Engineer

Talk Description

Join Diego Molina from Sauce Labs as he shares how you can utilise Selenium Grid 4 with Sauce Labs. He demonstrates how to use the new Dynamic Grid that is included in Selenium Grid 4. He then shares how you can blend your own Selenium Grid with Sauce Labs to give you more browser options when your own infrastructure is exhausted. Diego finishes by sharing an experiment Sauce Labs are currently working on, called Sauce To Go.

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the benefits of Dynamic Grid
Diego Molina's profile'

Diego Molina

Staff Software Engineer

About Speaker

Diego is a Staff Software Engineer as Sauce Labs and a Selenium core committer. He loves enabling testers by creating helpful testing tools and infrastructure and delivering versatile Selenium trainings and workshops.

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