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My Story of Kanban and Its Positive Impact on Testing - Conor Fitzgerald

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18 months ago I joined a new company as a tester and was part of a new team that was forming. The decision to use Kanban had an enormous influence on how we tested as a team.

My personal story of testing with Kanban includes

  • No split between development and testing - nothing was considered done until it was tested.
  • Everyone became a tester.
  • Supported a quality culture and test coaching
  • "Quality gate" became kanban stages
  • Production issues were prioritised over feature work.
  • How we solved a serious bottleneck in our testing and how it improved overall quality.
What you’ll learn
  • Recognise that Kanban is more than a visual workflow management tool
  • Identify that Kanban can support improved quality
  • Establish how Kanban can improve collaboration and communication 
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Conor Fitzgerald

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