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Tales From Developer Tester Collaboration – Maaret Pyhäjärvi & Llewellyn Falco

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Maaret Pyhäjärvi

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Talk Description

There seems to be a large divide between developers and testers. Developers can see the tester role as trivial and testers can see the developer role as narrow and dull. There’s a lot of fear when pairing the two together, both from the developer’s and tester’s point of view. They don’t want to try it, they don’t want to do it. But what if they did?

In this talk, we look at what happened when we paired as developer and tester. We will show the practicalities of how each viewpoint affected the other person’s work, what we appreciated and what we did not. Can we keep what is special about each specialty without becoming the other?

About Maaret and Llewellyn

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a tester extraordinaire specializing in breaking illusions about software through means of exploratory testing. She is a software specialist with soft spots for hands-on testing, helping teams grow and building successful products and businesses.

Llewellyn Falco is a brilliant developer with the skill to bring out the best in others through pairing and facilitating group work. He specializes in technical agile practices on legacy code and excels in unit testing. He has created ApprovalTests as a means of supercharging unit tests with powerful asserts.

Many thanks to Tellurium for enabling us to share these videos through their sponsorship.

What you’ll learn
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Maaret Pyhäjärvi

About Speaker

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is a software professional with a testing emphasis. She identifies as an empirical technologist, a tester and a programmer, a catalyst for improvement and a speaker. Her day job is working with a software product development team as a hands-on testing specialist. On the side, she teaches exploratory testing and makes a point of adding new, relevant feedback for test-automation-heavy projects through skilled exploratory testing. In addition to being a tester and a teacher, she is a serial volunteer for different non-profits driving forward the state of software development. She was recently awarded as Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016. She blogs regularly and is the author of Mob Programming Guidebook.

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llewellyn falco

About Speaker

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