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Qualitative Risk-Based Test Reporting - Nancy Kelln

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Nancy Kelln

Talk Description

Traditional quantitative software testing metrics can lie. They can give us a false sense of security and allow us to make bad decisions about our software under test. On software projects where the quality of the software built is high or when we have an infinite amount of time to test, we can survive the distraction of quantitative metrics. However, on a project where the quality of the software built is low or there are time pressures, reporting only quantitative metrics can cause more problems. If you have high risk systems, with lots of issues and little time to test, you need to consider Qualitative Risk-Based Test Reporting.

In this talk, Nancy Kelln will deliver our test reports from the evil lies quantitative metrics can tell, by introducing Risk-Based Qualitative methods for test documentation. Her approach has been successfully implemented on both large and small scale projects in various organizations. This approach can also be applied to Agile, Traditional and Exploratory Context-Driven test approaches.


Learning Objectives:

  • Why making decisions with only quantitative metrics is dangerous.
  • The power of qualitative metrics in testing.
  • How to determine what qualitative metrics matter.
  • How to incorporate qualitative metrics in your test reporting, including templates and examples.
What you’ll learn
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Nancy Kelln's profile'

Nancy Kelln

About Speaker

A passionate Context Driven Test Manager with 16 years of diverse IT experience, Nancy enjoys working with teams that are implementing or enhancing their testing practices and provides adaptive testing approaches to exploratory, context driven, and traditional testing teams. She has coached test teams in various environments and facilitated numerous local and international workshops and presentations. From small scale to multi-million dollar projects; Nancy has played many roles within testing including Project Test Manager, Test Manager, Test Lead and Tester. Her most recent work has been exclusively with Context Driven Testing implementations at large scale companies. A co-founder of POST, Nancy is an active member of the Calgary Software Quality Discussion Group, Association for Software Testing, and the Software Test Professionals organization. Nancy and her family live in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Connect with Nancy on Twitter @nkelln.

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