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Techniques for Generating and Managing Test Data - Omose Ogala

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Omose Ogala

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Many times, automated tests fail because of assumptions about the state of the application; essentially making test data management a headache for teams. This is especially problematic when working with applications whose data is dynamic.

In this session, Omose, a recent college grad, will share a fresh perspective on test data management. He will discuss techniques that he uses to generate reliable test data within a fraction of a second, hacks that he places into production code to make the application more testable, and tools available within his company that make testing easier.

These techniques prove particularly useful for testing and automating against applications that are dynamic in nature.

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Omose Ogala's profile'

Omose Ogala

About Speaker

Omose Ogala is a recent Computer Engineering graduate of the University of Rhode Island. He now works as a Software Engineer in Test at Twitter, where he develops test automation scripts for the company’s iOS and Android apps. In his spare time, Omose creates iOS apps for the company he founded, Ogala Apps, which currently has eight offerings available in the App Store.

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