What Is A Continuous-Call-For-Papers?

TestBash is now a global software testing conference, with several Testbash conferences taking place each year all over the world. So we made a decision to move to a Continuous Call For Papers (CCFP) in 2016. This means that we are continuously open for papers and you can submit as many abstracts as you like, whenever you like.

Benefits Of CCFP

  • You can submit whenever the inspiration hits! Inspiration and creativity are fickle things! When you need them the most and there's a CFP deadline looming they're nowhere to be seen. With CCFP you can apply to some or all the TestBashes whenever your creativity is free-flowing.
  • It's quicker and easier! It takes time to create a good abstract and great awareness to notice and respond to all the CFPs. With CCFP, you can apply to multiple TestBashes at certain locations or all the places with a single submission at a time that suits you!
  • You have a greater chance of being accepted to speak at TestBash! We receive a large number of abstracts for each TestBash, we pick the best. The best being what fits with what the local community and hosts are talking about and what we believe to be interesting talks. Applying to multiple TestBashes all at once increases the chances of your abstract being the perfect fit for a TestBash event. Read our selection process to find out more details.

Furthermore, while you may have specific reasons for not wanting to talk at a TestBash in a certain location, cost won’t be one of them. TestBash is NOT a pay to speak, this means that Ministry of Testing will cover all the travel and accommodation expenses, you can read our speaker policy for more details.

How Does It Work?

When you submit a paper you choose all the locations you’d wish to speak at or select all locations by checking the ‘Doesn’t matter where, I’m in’ option. Your paper will then be considered for the future TestBash at those locations. We get a lot of submissions, so we have a few rules on the life of your paper.

  • ‘Doesn’t matter where, I’m in’ will submit your paper to the next four open locations. If there isn't four open, it will automatically get added when a new location opens.
  • Your paper will only be considered for the next four events regardless of how many locations you pick.
  • After each unsuccessful attempt, you’ll be notified via email, where you’ll be able to request feedback, and if you wish to do so, you can remove your submission from further consideration.
  • After four unsuccessful attempts, your paper will be deleted from the system, you’ll be informed about this via email.