Testing Mobile Apps & Mobile Websites

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Karen Johnson

Course Outline – Testing Mobile Apps & Mobile Websites

Are you testing a mobile app or a website on a mobile device? Developed and taught by Karen N. Johnson, this one-day hands-on class looks at both contexts: testing mobile apps and testing websites on mobile devices. Karen’s background and teaching on mobile testing comes from hands-on project experiences and she shares her insights and tips for testing throughout the day.

Need Mobile Experience?

Class exercises are hands-on through actual devices, so bring your own mobile device. Additionally we may use other formats for testing so bring a laptop.  This class welcomes discussion of mobile experiences – this class is not a lecture but an active roundtable of mobile testing.

Need a mobile strategy?

If you need to develop a mobile strategy, especially a strategy that can evolve over time or as fast as the mobile market changes, this class looks at user, country, and device statistics as a way to align and continue to align your mobile testing strategy. Karen discusses sources for mobile statistics and how to keep watch on the evolving mobile market so you can continue to adapt your strategy.

Course Outline

The Mobile Market

An overview of the market: manufacturers, models, carriers, operating systems, and browsers as well as the Apple app store and the Android market.

Functional Testing

What is functional testing on a mobile environment? A discussion and review of functionality found with many sites and apps.

User Interface Testing

User interface testing, it’s not just adjusting to smaller screen sizes but testing for navigation, links, lists, and sitemaps.

Mobile & Security

Passwords, cookies, site certificates, saved data and other application-specific security concerns.

Device and App Settings

Websites: secure pages and site certificates. Apps: access and permissions.

Mobile Testing Challenges

Reporting and replicating defects including how to capture screen shots for defect reporting.

Building a Mobile Testing Strategy

How to choose which devices to test, planning what to test and how review your strategy in a fast-moving market.

About Karen Johnson

For more about the instructor Karen N. Johnson, see: www.karennjohnson.com

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