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Git Foundations


Get a sneak peak into my full day workshop “Git Like A Pro For Beginners”!

99 Minutes

Max 100 attendees



By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Install and configure Git on a machine
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of Git
  • Create you first commit and push it to a remote repository


What is it about?
Always wondered how the version control system Git works?
Let’s dive deep into the fundamentals of Git and get a sneak peak into my full day workshop “Git Like A Pro For Beginners”!

Workshop Format
The workshop will be online. So please keep in mind to have a good camera and a good microphone in place on your side. Also be aware that you should have your camera switched on during the whole duration of the workshop so that others can see and interact with you. And don’t forget to mute yourself when not talking, thank you.

What to bring?
Please make sure you have https://code.visualstudio.com/ installed and admin permission on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine.

Workshop duration?
99-minutes of course 😉

Meet the Instructor

Simon Berner

Simon Berner

Test Automation Engineer

Hi there! 🙂 My name is Simon and I am a Test Automation Engineer working for House of Test by ☀️. At 🌙 I am a Junior iOS Developer. Driven by the passion for technology, development and testing, I like to experiment and putting my things onto GitHub. Along the way, I’m a huge fanboy of Git and I love to share my experiences, learnings and knowledge by giving courses, workshops, blogging on this site, joining and speaking at meetups, conferences and unconferences. I come a long way with Java and like to play around with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ReactJS.

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