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Hands-on Intro to AWS and a Taste of DevOps, for Testers


Open the door to AWS and DevOps literacy, and find you own voice in this conversation.

One Day

Max 30 attendees


technical-testing, system-architecture, quality, performance, observability, infrastructure, agile

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Appraising an option to monitor your website
  • Implementing your own two websites in AWS, each with its own method
  • Recognising and remembering some key AWS services and terms
  • Understanding how testing fits into devops, or even vice versa
  • Improving comfort with the command line interface


Why You Should Take This Course?

This is a zero to hero session. It opens the door to AWS and devops literacy and establishes some basics, making it easier to start researching your own way through the myriad of options that this field present. Just like you needed a few basic words and procedures to find your feet in testing initially, this will help establish those basics for you to explore the ever-growing world of devops, and how you could learn to add value there too.

This workshop is a highly collaborative workshop where team work and pairing is encouraged to help each other out, no matter what your question or issue.

What You Will Learn In This Course?

In the first half of the workshop, you will learn that testers are key members of devops, and where and how you can add value in this conversation. We will also demystify what devops really is and how it is not in fact technology or tool-driven, but rather facilitated by five contributing factors of which tools and technology is only one factor.

We will explore the AWS console (user interface) and how to navigate it.

In the second half we will explore the AWS ecosystem.

You will become familiar with some key AWS terminology and how to interact with them, including:

  • S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Cloudwatch

You will also learn how easy it is to deploy a website, in two different ways, and then how you might want to monitor one of them.

Towards the end of the day, you should be able to:

  • Create and monitor your own website
  • Critique monitoring and alerting feasibility
  • Differentiate between manual deployment options
  • Recognise improvement options such as automating any of the above

What You Will Need To Bring?

Please bring a laptop, OS X, Linux or Windows – set up per the above instructions in “Preparing your machine”, and one that you can connect to wifi with.

Is This Course For You?

I have no coding or technical skills, should I come?

Yes, this was written for you. The instructions are written explicitly and clearly and steps and terms are defined as you progress. This course was originally written specifically for those just starting out on their technical or cloud journey, and then was expanded for those seeking a more challenging exercise.

I have some experience working with code, command lines and even CI/CD. Is the course too basic for me?

You will still benefit from doing this course if you are new to cloud infrastructure, or AWS. If you reach the end of the stated curriculum, you will find a specially created “Choose your own adventure” section, wherein you can forge your own path into more intermediate and advanced directions.

Meet the Instructor

Theresa Neate

Theresa Neate

Director of Quality Engineering

Theresa Neate is a QA practice lead & developer advocate - with several years of leadership experience - who loves lean and agility and advocates for holistic system quality and systems thinking.

Her recent experience includes developer advocacy for an internal developer cohort (supporting an internal Application Platform) and QA practice leadership for commercial and platform teams. Her background spans 2 decades of testing and QA hands-on and leadership experience; the last decade spent between the ThoughtWorks consultancy stable, Australia Post’s Digital Delivery Centre and since early 2016 has been at digital media icon REA Group.

In her spare time Theresa recently completed a Diploma of Networking, has blogged for TechTarget DevOpsAgenda, sat on their Advisory Board, and co-organises and contributes at DevOps Girls.

She’s a lifelong and eternally curious sceptic and learner.

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