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How to write your first UI test using Android Espresso


There is always a misconception that native frameworks are only for developers and not testers. This course aims to break that myth by showing you how simple it is to write tests using Espresso for Android.

99 Minutes

Max 100 attendees

Classroom or Online


By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Add an accessibility ID to an element in a sample android app
  • Use the layout inspector in android studio to find the accessibility ID that you previously added
  • Write a UI test that opens the app, perform UI actions and assert on an element property, using code
  • Run the UI test on an emulator


Native testing frameworks for mobile are mostly seen as something only developers use. But that is not true. They provide a lot of value and flexibility for testers who are planning on creating a UI test suite for mobile apps. This workshop will allow you to take the first step in that path.

This workshop will cover the basics of espresso testing framework for android and will also look at some of the tools that android studio provides to help write UI tests. The biggest struggle that early learners have is to set up the test environment and write their first test. Once you cross that barrier, building your learning on top of it becomes much easier.

This workshop will help you cross that barrier.

Meet the Instructors

Jaswanth Manigundan

Jaswanth Manigundan

Lead Automation Engineer, Culture Amp

I am a lead test automation engineer working as a part of the QE practice at Culture Amp led by the legendary Anne-Marie Charret. I'm a developer turned tester. Even though writing code to build applications is so much fun, my now best friend showed me a few years ago that helping write good quality apps is much more fun. I jumped into testing from being a developer and have never looked back. I'm very passionate about native testing frameworks for web, backend, infra and mobile platforms CI/CD is something I am very passionate about. On the web side of things, AWS CDK has been quite intriguing. I have been an advocate of Infra as Code since working on it. Devops is something that is quite exciting for me, especially given it is always evolving. I have been speaking at a few international conferences on testing and CI/CD. Saucecon'21, Ministry of Testing's Testbash and UI testing week events to name a few. It has been so much fun building testing frameworks for a wide range of platforms including mobile, web, infrastructure and microservices. Please feel free to reach out to chat anything testing.

Kelly Wason

Kelly Wason

Principal QA

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