What I Learned Pairing On A Workshop

by Lisa Crispin I had the privilege of pairing with Abby Bangser to create and facilitate a half-day workshop at TestBash 2016: “Building Quality In with Distributed Teams“. Bhagya Mudiyanselage, one of the workshop participants, wrote about her experiences in the workshop . I learned a lot by preparing and facilitating this workshop with Abby, […]

TestBash in the USA Is Back!

U.S.A! U.S.A! No, I’m not at a presidential rally, I’m chanting about the fact that TestBash is returning to the US of A! U.S.A! After the great success of TestBashNY 2015, we are returning to America with TestBash in 2016. This years conference will be a two day single track with a variety of activities […]

7 Practical Software Testing Tips from TestBash Presenters

We gathered some practical software testing tips for you from presenters of TestBash Brighton, the most awesome software testing conference out there! Dancing a New JIG! – Mark Tomlinson At the last TestBash 2015 Simon Knight guided the class through the essentials of using JMeter to get started with performance testing. Most of the class […]

TestBash Manchester Is Coming!

I’m so pleased to announce that TestBash is coming to Manchester. I’m excited about this on so many levels, the most important being, I’m a northern boy, Manchester born and bred. Also Manchester and the North are thriving at the moment, and it deserves a TestBash, so I’m bringing one. It isn’t going to be […]