RESTful API testing with Chakram

The last few years have seen an exponential increase in the development and use of web-based APIs. It’s common now to see applications, websites, services and databases being loosely coupled, communicating via RESTful HTTP interfaces. This communication between API consumers and providers forms a functional contract; with the consumer expecting the provider to expose a […]

Lean Software Testing – A Review

My TestBash experience kicked off with the workshop/training day on Lean Software Testing with Matthew Heusser. What Is Lean Software Testing? “Lean Software Testing is an approach to testing that focuses on improving throughput while reducing risk. To do that, we explain principles to analyse the way testing is being done right now, provide guidelines […]

Not Sure About Uncertainty

Risk-based testing (RBT) is defined in terms of the prioritisation of possible test activities based on perceived risks. These will often cover factors such as: Usage:  perhaps we’ll test more on platforms where we have more customers Impact:  if component X failed, all customer data would be lost, so perhaps we should test it Type: […]

TestBash Week – The One Page Guide

It’s a very busy week next week, so busy that it’s worth putting everything down on ‘paper’ in one location.  You might just want to print this out or ensure you can have easy access at any given point.  See you there? Here goes. Wednesday Rapid Software Testing for Managers | 9am – 5pm | 68 […]

Gamification and Software Testing

Gamification is the act of applying game like characteristics to a non-game situation in order to increase ‘user’ interaction (my definition but official ones exist). Much gamification is centered around the reward system used to attract and retain participants. Successful gamification is focused on engagement of participants. An informal survey ran amongst my gaming (computer, […]

Destructive Software Testing

What is destructive testing? Definition: Destructive testing is the method of identifying the point of an applications failure. (Sounds like regular functional testing, but it’s a bit more than this….) What’s the difference between destructive testing and conventional testing? Conventional testing: It is a process in which an application will show that it can perform […]

Creativity in Testing: A Workshop

I was recently inspired to organize a workshop to inspire creativity in testing at my workplace after reading Andy Glover’s Visual Testing Workshop on the Ministry of Testing website. I have always enjoyed Andy’s cartoons, especially those related to testing. Our primary objectives for the Creativity in Testing workshop were to connect with other testers […]