Press Release: Leading Test Management Add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace, Zephyr for JIRA, is now Available in the Cloud

Next generation add-on helps JIRA Cloud customers with Agile testing News Summary Zephyr, the fastest growing provider of Test Management solutions, today announced the release of their next generation add-on designed to help customers accelerate Agile testing inside JIRA Cloud, formerly { JIRA OnDemand }. The release of Zephyr for JIRA Cloud helps project teams extend their JIRA Cloud software to include testing into […]

Am I a Tester?

Over the last 10 years I have been doing more and more testing. When I started my career as a software developer I wrote code and passed my work over to system testers and expected it to be returned for rework. Now when I code I incorporate testing into my work and so I expect […]

Become A Trainer With The Dojo

Just in case you weren’t aware – The Dojo is our new project to bring independent online learning to the software testing world.  We had wanting to do it for (aaaaaaaaaaa)ages, but also wanted to do it the right way at the right time. That time is now.  Do check out The Dojo.  There are […]

Get A TestBash Press Pass

TestBash is looming and we’re on the hunt for 2 people who would love to attend with a ‘press pass’ as a photographer or a blogger. As a photographer you must have a decent camera and photography skills, perhaps it’s your hobby outside of your wonderful career in testing? As a blogger you must be able to […]

A New Way to Visualise Software Testing Information is an idea about how to visually categorise software testing information. Categorising information is really boring (this is why we added the visual part). But just think about how much information there is on the Internet about software testing. It’s hard to quantify and it’s also hard to find relevant information. is trying […]

Leveraging the Psychology of Colours in A/B Testing

A person’s perception is not related to colours [1] but colours implicitly influence perception through placebo and nosebo effects. Although every person has his/her own feelings related to colours, it is seen that, in general certain colours induce certain moods in people. Amalgamating this psychology of colours to design our A/B testing scenarios, we would […]

Qualitative Research Coding & Mind Maps

Coding is a heuristic (from the Greek, meaning “to discover”) – an exploratory problem-solving technique without specific formulas to follow. – Richards & Morse, via The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers One of the immense privileges of curating the treasure trove of articles we receive for The Testing Planet is staying ahead of the curve […]