What children’s minds tell us about software testing: Part 3 – Discovering the Truth

A detailed overview of Chapter 3 of Allison Gopnik’s book, ‘The Philosophical Baby’ [1] In the first two parts of this series, I explained that children create physical and psychological causal maps and then use them to generate counterfactuals to learn about the world.  In this part I describe how causal learning works.  Very young […]

Localisation Testing? Build a Great Team!

Localisation requires comprehensive understanding of the target audience and the local market.  Testing of the localised product must validate both the functional and the linguistic quality of the product.  Practically it might be very difficult to find trained testers who are also native language experts.  Hence putting together a team of experts who can together […]

The ISO 29119 Debate

Since CAST took place a couple of weeks ago, there has been sustained debate within the online testing community about the validity of the proposed ISO 29119 testing standard. Some recent posts from influential software testers are listed below: Iain McCowatt – Stop 29119 Fiona Charles – Why I oppose adoption of ISO 29119 Keith […]

What Children’s Minds Tell us About Software Testing: Part 2 – Mental Worlds

A detailed overview [1] of Chapter 2 of Alison Gopnik’s book, ‘The Philosophical Baby’ In Part 1 of this series [2], I provided an overview of how children learn about the physical world.  Just as children create causal maps of the physical world, they also create causal maps of the psychological world, and the resulting […]

TDD for Testers

What does TDD mean for me, the Tester? I have some experience of working as a Tester in development teams practicing TDD and I hadn’t really thought about what impact TDD had on me until someone actually asked me: Test Driven Development (TDD) is a predominately Programmer driven practice, so what do you as a […]

What Childrens Minds Tell us About Software Testing – Part 1: Physical Worlds

A detailed overview of Chapter 1 of Alison Gopnik’s book, ‘The Philosophical Baby’ [1] We don’t just live in the present world.  ‘Counterfactuals’ are the ways we could have lived in the past, and all the ways the world could be in the future (‘the woulda-coulda-shouldas of life’).  Scientists have thought it puzzling that humans […]

BugBuster Founder Tells All

Many of our readers will no doubt recall Luc Texier’s memorable presentation at this years Testbash. Some of us here at Ministry of Testing Towers were also involved in testing/reviewing the BugBuster application. We decided some further information was warranted so here for your reading pleasure is an interview with BugBusters creator, Oliver Crameri. Hi […]

TestBash Speaker and Workshop Deadline Ends Tomorrow

The deadline to submit ends tomorrow.  The time is now if you want to present a talk or workshop at TestBash in March 2015.We’re looking for new ideas.Useful ideas.Practical tips.Inspirational talks.Thought provokers.Sharing of your challenges.(Interesting) real world stories and solutions.A look into the future.A helping hand for the community to make the software testing world a better placeWhatever it […]