Pre-TestBash Workshops

For our TestBash week next year we are exploring the option of having pre-TestBash workshops. The past couple of years we have had full day training courses in the run up to the big one big single track TestBash.  We feel there is room and a need to introduce a bit of variety (we do […]

A Story From Rosie

It’s been a quiet week content wise for us, so (rather than just writing something for the sake of it) I thought I’d write something a bit different.Here is a little story.A Phone Call Out The BlueI spoke with a recruiter the other day who was genuinely curious to hear my thoughts on the testing industry. […]

The Ministry of Testing Scholarship Story

Way back in 2013 Rosie decided to offer a Ministry of Testing Scholarship to the most deserving determined person. As you might imagine there were a huge number of entries for this highly coveted prize and settling upon a winner was tough work! Ultimately though, and mainly through sheer force of personality, the scholarship was […]

TestBash 4 – Call For Speakers

It’s that time of year again. TestBash is now in it’s 4th year and we are looking for brave testers of the world to help evolve our community by sharing stories. Last year we sold out at 250 attendees.  As we are a single track conference this means that you will be speaking in front […]

Change is the Only Constant

Change is the only constant – isn’t it? This statement is true for many aspects of our life, but in the case of software – change is highly visible. Software has become an integral part of our lives. With the widespread usage of web apps, mobile apps and the Internet of things – software has […]