The Thinks I Didn’t Think*

Examples of defects customers find A few months back, I had written an article for The Software Testing Club about making a personal statement about ‘not quality’.   In that statement you would describe your reaction to defects that customers find in your project/software, i.e., as a tester what would you do to find those defects […]

About Closure

When I’m in a testing activity I want my test cases [Passed], my user stories [done] and my coffee [black].  Stuff may have a start point, some states in between and an end state. Lets look at ways to represent states and articulate the meaning of states. One way to illustrate status about the product […]

The Mobile Test Pyramid

Anyone who is involved in software testing and software test automation should know the test automation pyramid introduced by Mike Cohn. As you can see in the following image, the typical pyramid consists of three layers. At the bottom, there is the automated unit-testing layer, in the middle the automated integration testing layer and at […]

Got Mobile Test Automation Challenges?

When we started working on the TenKod Mobile test automation solutions, smart mobile devices were already an integral part of present-day human life and fancy new mobile applications emerged on a daily basis. We were looking for ways to help software companies introduce robust automated tests in a pretty short time frame and with minimal […]

TestBash 2015 – Win A Sponsored Ticket

We’re trialling out sponsored TestBash tickets for our next TestBash.  This means that a person or an organisation can buy a TestBash 2015 ticket that we will then give away to someone who has applied and we believe is deserving. In honour of the first anonymous TestBash ticket sponsor donor – an individual who wanted […]

Light at the End of the Regression Testing Tunnel

How do you feel when you hear somebody referring to regression testing? Chances are, it’s dependent on your own definition of the term, and your own workplace experiences. If you’re working on a newly emerging product, or in conjunction with design practices such as Continuous Delivery, which feature regular releases supported by automated checks, then […]

Boom! TestBash Tickets Now On Sale!

TestBash is back in 2015 and tickets are now on sale!  And really, there are too many speakers to announce, so please just click through and check out the line up we have! We’re introducing a workshop day before TestBash – 9 workshops, 3 tracks with the option to choose on the day which ones to attend – there […]