Become A MoT Author

Here at Ministry of Testing, we’re looking for authors to write articles for The Dojo. We love to learn from our authors, and love to share what we learn with the testing community. If you are passionate, reliable, and love to share your expertise, then come and work with us!

5 Great Reasons To Become A MoT Author

1. Inspire others:

They say two minds are better than one. Well, what about thousands of minds? No problem is unique. If your writing helps testers to solve problems, rethink the way they work, or generate new ideas; you could end up inspiring others to share their work too. You’re helping the whole testing community grow!

2. Best way to learn:

The process of writing your ideas and thoughts down is the best way to learn what you really think. As you write, your ideas develop, your understanding deepens, and your knowledge becomes a part of your mindset. The writing process is often more rewarding than completing the finished article.

3. Get recognition:

Ask yourself, who do I aspire to be like? Do they share their knowledge? We’re betting they do! It’s the best way to get yourself recognised in the testing community and identified as a valuable expert in your area of testing.

4. Expand your learning network:

Join the great list of faces and names that have written for MoT. Every author gets a bio section, with their photo, at the bottom of their article. This makes it easier for you to reach and meet others who can help you grow professionally.

5. Be heard:

Work with us and we’ll support you to make your writing the best it can be. Get your voice heard loud and clear by tens of thousands of testers in the MoT community, as we’ll use our vast network to promote your article. Go on, show people what you’re passionate about!

Topics That We’re Interested In:

Here is a list of some of the topics that we have previously published on The Dojo, with links to example articles:

This list is not exclusive if you’ve got a topic idea that you’re excited about then let us know. We love to hear about anything testing related from impassioned people.

Looking For An Idea?

We have a backlog of topic ideas raised by the community, please contact for more information.

How To Get Started

To get started, you can either send us an outline of your article concept or a completed first draft by emailing them to

Your outline should include: your topic, purpose of your article, who your audience is, ordered subtopics and bullet-pointed lists expanding on subtopics.

Your draft article should include:

Article features

Importantly, all articles submitted to MoT need to be original and not previously published in another professional or personal publication or blog. With a few exceptions, our articles are between 1,500-3,000 words long.

Please check out the MoT Writer’s Guide for further guidance on planning, structuring, and writing of Dojo Articles.

If your article is suitable for The Dojo, at least two members of MoT will work with you on developing your writing. Your article will undergo several rounds of editing and review to make sure it is the best it can be before publishing.

What You Will Earn

We don’t expect you to work for free. All authors get compensated for their published work. There are 4 standard remuneration options available for each article published:

      • Pro subscription to The Dojo (6 months)
      • 50% discount code to TestBash (1 day)
      • £150 payment directly to the author
      • £150 to MoT’s scholarship fund

It is up to you to choose which method of compensation you prefer and this will be agreed up front before our collaboration begins.

If you are interested in producing a series of related articles; payment for these are discussed on a series by series basis. Please contact to discuss this further.

What We Stand For

Here at MoT we have a very strict set of principles that we follow every time we publish an article. We stick to these principles to ensure that the content on the Dojo remains authentic and of high quality for our readers. We also have them so that our authors have complete confidence in working us, feel supported and a part of the team. If you’re interested in having a gander at MoT’s principles on publishing articles, please have a look at our Publishing Policy.

Author Success Stories

Here’s what some of our published authors have to say about the benefits and their experience of working with MoT:

Writing for MoT has helped me connect with some great people in the testing community, boosted my learning, and my confidence. I’m now building up to my first conference talk at Testbash Manchester!
Claire Reckless

Working with MoT has helped me realise I know more than I thought I did. I feel like less of an impostor in the testing community. It has started conversations with testers from all over the world about the content I’ve written so far. This has helped me in turn to have the confidence to ask some of those testers for help with what I don’t know. Also, amazingly, some of my work with them is on Amazon!
Heather Reid

Working with MoT has given me more confidence in my abilities as a tester, a writer, and has led directly to my first conference presentation at TestBash Philadelphia. The MoT editorial team is wonderfully supportive. They’ve made my first professional non-fiction writing work a joy. I’m looking forward to writing more articles for MoT.
Kate Paulk

Writing has always been a way for me to gather and structure my thoughts. It helps me learn deeply and share my ideas clearly. When writing something under the scrutiny of thousands of testers? Well, that motivates me to do my best. The Ministry of Testing doesn’t just give you a platform for your voice to be heard. It offers you the opportunity to hear the voices of the global testing community. Throw a coin down the proverbial well and be rewarded with a thousand echoes. It’s a wonderful experience of giving and receiving.
Beren Van Daele