How can we work together?

One of the things we are here is open minded.

Open to

  • the way we work
  • the way we plan
  • the things we offer
  • change
  • supporting the community
  • making things work
  • …you get the idea…

Mostly open to working towards what we believe are good things for the software testing community.

One of the things we are working alot on are training opportunities. This is through the Ministry of Testing. We hope to deliver some awesome face to face training opportunities. This is kind of bias towards the UK at the moment as it is still early days, but we do fully intend to cater for a wider audience – in one way or another.

Being bootstrapped we need to take baby steps and ensure we are doing the right thing.

One of the things we would love is for companies to come forward and sponsor places on our training courses. This could be done as a ‘marketing’ activity (e.g a competition) or done for other purposes such as wanting to give something back to the community – perhaps give a place to someone who is unemployed.

The options are there. And we are open to ideas. Please step forward – email rosie[at]

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