Software Testing Glossary


Learn key software testing terminology rapidly with our 99-second introduction videos

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What is Accessibility Testing?
Ady Stokes explains the basics of Accessibility Testing in 99 seconds!
What is Testability?
Testability affects all of us, so why not quickly introduce yourself to the concept
What is Mental Health?
Learn all about mental health and why it matters.
What is Collaboration?
Collaboration in the context of software development broken down in just 99-seconds.
What's Leadership?
What makes a good leader? Vernon shares all about leadership in just 99-seconds.
What is Performance Testing?
Performance Testing explained in just 99-seconds.
What Are Test Strategies?
Vernon Richards consolidates all his test strategy knowledge into 99-seconds.
What is Security?
Claire Reckless explain security in the context of software testing in just 99-seconds!
What is Culture?
What exactly is culture? Jim Holmes answers in just 99-seconds.
What is Mobile?
Grasp the basics of mobile app testing in just 99 seconds!
What is Agile?
Dan Ashby and Mark Winteringham give explain Agile in 99 seconds!
What is Lateral and Critical Thinking?
How do lateral and critical thinking differ?
What is Scripted Testing?
Dan and Mark down scripted testing in just 99-seconds.
What is Technical Testing?
99-Seconds to explain all things technical testing.
What is an Oracle?
Testers find issues all the time, but how do we know something is a problem?
What are Software Testing Notes?
We all takes notes while testing, right? But what are they?
What Are User Stories?
User Stories explained in just 99-seconds.
What Are Acceptance Criteria
Dan Ashby shares examples of acceptance criteria.
What Is Session Based Test Management?
There are many approaches to Test Management, but let's learn what Session Based Test Management (SBTM) is.
Why Is Influencing Relevant to Testing?
Mark and Dan explains what influencing is and how it's important in software testing.
What is Exploratory Testing?
All testing is exploratory, but what does that mean.
What Are Models?
Models are everywhere, but what are they? Dan Ashby breaks them down for us.
What Are Heuristics?
Lena breaks down a term we are hearing more and more in the software testing domain.
What's A Bug Report?
Software is full of bugs, but how do we report them?
What Are Risks?
What are risks and why do they matter to testing? Dan explains all in 99-seconds.
What Is A Test Charter?
Mark breaks down test charters and how they can make exploratory testing easier.
What Is A Test Idea?
Dan explains what test ideas are and how they help and hinder our testing.
What is Automation?
A huge topic broken down in just 99-seconds.
What Are Diagrams?
We all know what diagrams, but how are they used in software development?
Why is Communication Relevant to Testers?
Check out the Software Testing Clinic's '99 Second Introduction to Communication'