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Supercharging Your Test Automation Code With AI Assistance In Your IDE
Integrate AI into your IDE to boost your coding efficiency and tackle errors
When your data moves house: Practical testing tips for clean data migrations
Master data migration and ensure seamless software transitions
Reboot Your Bug-Hunting: Five Ways To Supercharge Your Software Testing
Learn to apply these quick and effective bug-hunting hacks!
Beating The Odds In A Competitive Job Market: Top Tips For New Software Testers
Land that elusive first software testing job with these simple tips!
An Inside Job: Customising Static Code Analysis for Optimising Internal Tools
Explore the benefits of testing source code without executing the code
30 Days of AI in Testing
Uncover the potential of AI in testing through simple, short daily tasks
Social Security Number Validation: A Tester's Guide to Uncovering Hidden Defects
Uncover the complexities and essential techniques of SSN validation
A Guide to Using Cypress for API Interception in UI Test Automation
Explore hands-on approaches to API interception with Cypress to enhance your UI test automation
From Radiotherapy To Quality Assurance: How A Healthcare Background Bolsters QA Excellence
Uncover how the transferable skills cultivated in healthcare can lead to success in software quality and testing roles.
Community Thoughts: What Goes On in QA Team Meetings
Discover the value and variety of test team meetings from community insights
Lessons Learned From 20 Years Of Software Testing
Explore the personal journey and collective wisdom of a seasoned software tester
A Guide to Bug Refinement in Software Testing: Streamlining Your Workflow
Transform your bug refinement meetings to boost team collaboration and make them a favourite weekly highlight
In-Sprint Test Automation On Agile Teams: Yes You Can!
Boost Agile process reliability, project engagement and teamwork with in-sprint test automation
Software Testing Test Ideas Hive Mind (STTIHM)
Run out of test ideas? Use STTIHM to step into the mind of another tester!
Testing The Quality Of ChatGPT Responses: A Report From The Field
Discover how testers are crucial in refining AI-assisted grading
Testing As An Art
Apply art principles to unlock creativity and innovation in your testing strategies
Taming The Beast Of Irreproducible Bugs: Finding Opportunities in Chaos
Tackle unreproducible bugs through strategic debugging, tools, and collaboration
Are You Seeing RED? Restoring Reliability To Test Results
Learn to enhance CI/CD pipelines for trustworthy testing results.
Better Software, Faster: A Tester’s Report On The Quality Assistance Model
Discover how the Quality Assistance Model revolutionises testing and enhances collaboration
Where Am I And Where Is My Test Data? Enhancing Testability Of Location Services
Uncover the challenges and strategies for testing mobile applications that use location services
Making Your Presentations More Accessible
Discover practical tips for crafting accessible presentations that resonate with every audience member
Quality Coaching: A Road Less Traveled
Explore the unique and impactful role of a quality coach in revolutionising software testing practices
The Many Ways of Executing Postman Collections
Collection running in Postman has seen some changes recently. Here's Swathika's advice on how to get the most out of them.
Drawing Parallels Of Software Quality With Other Fields
What do jewellery making, carpentry and construction have in common with software quality?
How Does Your Mobile Application Handle Internet Connection Issues? You Might Be Surprised…
Testing a mobile application? Have you thought about connection latency issues?
Compatibility Testing Tools
It’s 10 O’Clock: Do You Know Where Your App Is Running? Ensure Broad Compatibility With These Testing Tools
Freelancing For Software Testers
Check out these freelancing tips such as leveraging contacts and social media, building a portfolio site, advertising availability and contacting companies directly
Making Security Testing More User Friendly
Ioan shares how we can ease into security testing with the help of Zap Proxy
30 Days of Career Growth
Simple, short daily tasks to help you achieve your career goals!
Career Guidance For Software Testers After Parental Leave
Coming back to testing after becoming a parent can be tricky. Pricilla shares her experiences and advice on coming back to work after parental leave.