Ministry of Testing: co-creating smarter testing

Our Story

We’ve come a long way from our modest beginnings in 2007. The long timers in our community will know that Ministry of Testing started out at The Software Testing Club. A humble forum that, over the years, grew into an amazing and thriving online community of testers. The Software Testing Club forum is now switched off, but our online community continues to grow and discuss all things testing on our shiny new forum The Club.

In 2012, we decided the testing community needed more, they needed to meet face to face at an awesome event, and so our TestBash software testing conference was born. From our first TestBash in Cambridge, we now run multiple conferences (TestBashes) and training events each year all over the world! All our events are organised and run in partnership with our community members who are the hosts and driving force behind local events.

A short time later, we thought the community would really benefit from an online resources platform dedicated to software testing, so we made one - we call it The Dojo. Not only does The Dojo host all our TestBash talks, we also work with community members to write articles, record podcasts and create video courses that include community discussions and feedback on The Club. The Dojo is now an invaluable learning resource for all software testers at all stages of their careers.

Throughout our whole journey, at our very heart has been the community. We have always sought to make positive changes to community members lives, to seek out new testing stars, and to support fledgeling testers through our projects and events such as The Scholarship and Ministry of Testing Essentials. All the while, partnering with community members and allowing the community to guide us. This ethos will never change.

The Community

Our community is tens of thousands of testers strong and growing every day! The community is made up of software testers from all over the world, at different stages of their careers, with different skill sets and life goals, and all are welcome and valued here. We pride ourselves on really connecting with our community, no matter how big it gets! Our community members mean everything to us, they guide us on how to better support testers and co-create all the awesome things we make and do.

If all this sounds totally amazing to you and something you want to be a part of then join our community by becoming a Ministry of Testing member now! Ministry of Testing members have access to our forum The Club and access to exclusive content on our learning environment The Dojo. You can also join in on the community conversation on our slack channels: Ministry of Testing and, and on our LinkedIn group. As well as keep up-to-date with all the things by following us on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and by signing up to our newsletter.

Our Team

We're a small team but between us, we have lots of experience. Ministry of Testing is headed up by:

  • Rosie Sherry (Founder, Director, Board Member) is the founder of Ministry of Testing. Rosie leads the way with all things related to communications and marketing.
  • Graham Sherry (Director, Board Member, TechBoss), yes, Rosie's husband. He is the uber tech genius helping us make smart tech decisions.
  • Aine McGovern (MarketingBoss) is our social and marketing expert. She looks after our annual partners and sponsors and helps share important things in a multitude of ways.
  • Simon Tomes (CommunityBoss) is the pulse of the community. He ensures everyone feels welcome, safe and heard.
  • Sarah Deery (LearningBoss) is our education specialist. She develops learning opportunities on the MoT site, at MoT events and within the community.
  • Sarah Kitchener (MoneyBoss) is our bookkeeping brains. She keeps our books in check and helps us support our contributors.
  • Mark Winteringham (OpsBoss) focuses on the day to day running of all things Ministry of Testing.
  • Andrew Morton (DevBoss) is our developer wizard. He writes all the code and makes sure our site meets the needs of the community.
  • Eliot Sykes (Developer) supports Andrew in building all the things on the MoT site!
  • Diana Dromey (EventBoss) is an organising and event running mastermind! She keeps TestBash on track and ensures our attendees are happy.
  • Thomas Harvey (DesignBoss) is our incredibly talented graphic designer. He designs all our artwork, all our awesome merch and makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our Details

Ministry of Testing Ltd • 19 New Road • Brighton • East Sussex • BN1 1UF • UK • Co Reg: 07403186 • VAT: 123575619 •