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We are a global community with a professional love for all things related to software testing. We run physical events across the globe. Online things. Run a popular online forum. Create content. Connect testers and testing. And so much more…Our mission is to change the software testing world.  You can help us on this journey too!     

Sponsor a TestBash - Our Much Loved Software Testing Conference

We run TestBashes across the globe, quite literally.  Each TestBash follows our core community and professional principles, but each one is led by local software testing professional.  There are always small and big sponsor packages to choose from.  Find out more by checking out each TestBash event.


Community Newsletter Ad

We’ve been creating newsletters since 2013. Our newsletter is sent to an audience of over 8,000, with a healthy open rate of between 25-30%.  We have two newsletter sponsorship options available. Your Ad will appear in the top newsletter ad slot.

Currently we:

  • email the newsletter to our list every Monday morning via mailchimp
  • we publish it online too on both MoT and medium
  • we share it via our Slack and social channels

Cost: £600 + VAT (if applicable) per Ad 

Cost for a mid slot Newsletter Ad: £250 + VAT (if applicable) per Ad - these are limited availability. 


Promotional Package

This is our most popular and successful marketing option year on year. The promotional package is spread across a week, from Monday to Thursday to allow our community plenty of time to engage with you.   The Promotional package includes 

  • Newsletter Ad - This can be a top or mid-level ad.  With an audience of over 8,000
  • Tweet - With an Impression rate of over 1M on a monthly basis and a follower count of over 20,000. 
  • Pinned LinkedIn Page Post - Our page has over 76,000 followers.
  • Club Post - This is shared on our announcements topic. Our Club has over 46,000 users.

Cost: £750 + VAT (if applicable) per package


Timeline Page Advert

The Timeline is the main landing page for Ministry of Testing, with views averaging over 2,000 weekly.  Your ad will appear on the left of the timeline, with your company gif or image an action driven title, text and tracking link.  This Ad will last for two weeks.  

Cost: £1000 + VAT (if applicable) per ad. Fully Booked.


Topic Pages Advert

The ad will be displayed on ads on our top 3 ranking pages for your topic, e.g. Automation.  Your ad will appear to the right of any content tagged under that specific topic.  Again your ad should be an engaging, action driven gif or image with relevant title, text and tracking link.  This Ad will last for two weeks.  

Cost: £1000 + VAT (if applicable) per ad.  Limited availability


Feature Spotlight 

This is a 10 minute video to tell the Ministry of Testing’s community  about you.  You could share a feature or product update, maybe you answer a common FAQ.  A member of the Ministry of Testing’s team will host, asking questions throughout the video to get as much detailed information as possible. 

Cost: £950 + VAT (if applicable) per spotlight. 1 available

Partner Peek

This is a 10minute podcast interview about your latest product launch or event, these can be seen as a news updates for the community.  As part of the podcast description, you can also include a short sentence about your company, along with a tracking link, allowing the community to engage with you further, for example, if you discuss your latest release, it would be a great opportunity to have a free trial link.

Cost: £350 + VAT (if applicable) per peek.  1 available



We thought it would make sense to run local MoT meetups for the locations we run TestBashes.  Little did we know that this would become a much bigger thing!  These meetups can be sponsored, get in touch with the individual meetup to sponsor them.


Please email for more information