Advertise, Support, Connect With Our Community

We are a global community with a professional love for all things related to software testing. We run physical events across the globe. Online things. Run a popular online forum. Create content. Connect testers and testing. And so much more…
Our mission is to change the software testing world.  You can help us on this journey too!

Sponsor a TestBash - Our Much Loved Software Testing Conference

We run TestBashes across the globe, quite literally.  In 2018 they have already happened in Brighton, Netherlands and Dublin. They will be coming to Germany, Manchester, Sydney and San Francisco in the Autumn of 2018.  Each TestBash follows our core community and professional principles, but each one is led by local software testing professional.  There are always small and big sponsor packages to choose from.  Find out more by checking out each TestBash event.

The Club Online Ads

The Club is what kick started our Ministry of Testing community back in 2007.  It has evolved over the years, but at its core is the hub of our community.  It is where software testers go to talk about testing.
We only have 2 display ads available on our Ministry of Testing website.  We are intentional about this as we feel too many ads provides a poor experience for our community and our advertisers.  These are available on The Club and are visible at the top of the page.

Community Newsletter

Before everyone else was doing it, every week, every single week, we curate and publish a weekly newsletter.  We’ve been doing this for 5 years now.  It has naturally evolved as the world around us does.
Currently we:
  • email the newsletter to our list every Monday morning
  • we publish it online too
  • we share it via our Slack and social channels

Testing Feeds Newsletters

We have a very healthy obsession with collecting information sources to feed our testing community with relevant news and blogs.  We’ve called this Testing Feeds and it has consistently been one of our most sections on our website! 
This has been going on for many years and we have over 1000 sources that we pull in. We are now pleased to allow companies to support our ongoing efforts to help maintain this service to the community.
You can sponsor our weekly automated emails for:
  • Testing Feeds
  • Business Feeds
  • Spanish feeds
  • Podcast feeds
Or you can have a ‘Sponsored by [Your Company]’ at the top of all the Testing Feeds pages

Podcast Sponsorship

Our podcasts are currently a little bit different.  We currently work with Super Testing Bros and Testers Island to publish their podcast through us.  That way they can focus on just producing great conversations and we can focus on getting it out to the software testing community.  You can sponsor their podcasts through us.

Sharing Your Thing, Where Thing = Event, Survey, Product, etc. 

We know you probably love testing almost as much as we do.  We work with a variety of companies to promote their ‘things’.  Things being things like events (on and offline), surveys, competitions, products, news…and so forth.


We thought it would make sense to run local MoT meetups for the locations we run TestBashes.  Little did we know that this would become a much bigger thing!  As of July 2018 we now support 42 MoT Meetup groups - this is where local testers get together to organise local events. These meetups can be sponsored, get in touch.

Software Testing Clinic

The Software Testing Clinic provides free software testing training in the form of focused evening meetup sessions. We currently run these in London, Brighton, Manchester and Glasgow.  These locations are likely to grow in the near future. These meetups run for a season of 12 sessions over a year. Read more about the Software Testing Clinic and find out more about sponsoring.

Sponsor an online event

We host online events! Where anyone can attend for free!  At the moment they include our AMAs and our Masterclasses.  Come, support us and feel the love from our hundreds of attendees!

30 Days of Testing

Our 30 days of Testing Challenges are hugely popular within our software testing community!  At the time of writing this we have created and hosted 8 challenges.  These challenges can now be sponsored by you!
We have so much we’d like to do.  The more support we get the faster and better we can do this.
Please email for more information