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Launchable Demo
Launchable Test Failure Intelligence and Optimization
Qase Demo
Qase, a modern task management platform streamlining testing workflows, ensuring bug-free releases through centralized artifact management.
99-Second Talks
At TestBash Autumn 2023
Feature Spotlight: Bug Magnet
Learn about Bug Magnet
Feature Spotlight: TestNG + Slack
Learn about TestNG + Slack
Feature Spotlight: Variables in SpecFlow
Learn about the variables in SpecFlow
Feature Spotlight: Selenium Grid
Learn about Selenium Grid
Discussion: The "Whens" and "Whys" of Automation
This discussion covers frameworks, ROI, pitfalls, retiring tests, security tools, and essential learning considerations.
Feature Spotlight: Setting up Bindings in SpecFlow
Learn how to set up bindings in SpecFlow
Feature Spotlight: Keploy Data Mock Generation
Learn about Keploy Data Mock Generation
Ask Me Anything: Artificial Intelligence in Testing
Watch this fantastic session on the impacts of AI in Testing
Feature Spotlight: Keploy Test Case
Learn about Keploy Test Case
How Guild Education Automates
Melissa shares approaches and tools they used to overcome challenges
Feature Spotlight: Using Checklist with Yattie
Learn how to use checklist with Yattie
Feature Spotlight: Cypress Recorder
Learn about Cypress Recorder
Feature Spotlight: HitchStory
Learn about HitchStory
Feature Spotlight: JQL
Learn about JQL
How DVLA Automates
Hear directly from DVLA and their Community of Practice how they automate
Feature Spotlight - TestCompass: Impact Analysis
Learn about TestCompass: Impact Analysis
Feature Spotlight - TestCompass: Coverage
Learn about TestCompass: Coverage
How Sedin Technologies Automates
We support our testing efforts with automation and are always seeking more ways to make our testing more efficient and effective.
Feature Spotlight - TestCompass: Modelling
Learn about one of the features of TestCompass
Feature Spotlight: Postman PostBot
A concise video about Postman PostBot
How Admiral Group Automates
Visual automated testing has emerged as a pivotal component of modern Quality Engineering in organisations.
Feature Spotlight: Chrome Visual Impairment
Learn about Chrome Visual Impairment in this short video
Ask Me Anything: Test Strategies with Butch Mayhew
Join Butch for a session of insightful questions about Test Strategies
99-Second Introduction: What is Mental Health?
Learn about mental health in 99-seconds
99-Second Introduction: What is the Relationship Between the Tester and the UX Designer?
Learn in 99-Seconds the relationship between the tester and the UX designer
How to Advocate for Accessibility Testing and Implementing It on Your Teams
As testers, we are always empathising with our users, to simulate their actions or their point of view, so we can test the site from their perspective.