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Learn new testing skills with courses developed in partnership with practicing software testers.

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Linux Commands for Beginners
Learn how to use linux commands to support your testing activities
The Complete Guide To CSS Selectors
Learn how to create robust CSS selectors for your automation and much more...
Bug Reporting 101
A quick course on raising bugs
Beginner's Guide To Mobile Testing
Begin your testing journey in mobile by learning the different aspects of testing mobile
Introduction to Java
Start your journey into writing automation code with Java
Be Wise, Do Pairwise
Be Wise, Do PairWise: A Method To Reduce Test Combinations
Introduction To HTTP
Learn the fundamental rules that make up HTTP requests and responses
Cognitive Biases In Software Testing
Learn how to recognise cognitive biases, explain what they are and use them to your advantage in your testing
Introduction to Cypress
Become comfortable with using Cypress and discover how to introduce it to your work projects
Let's Build an API Checking Framework
Learn how to build an API checking framework in Java
Coding For Non-Coders
Learn how to get started with code using .NET
The Complete Guide To XPath
Learn how to create robust XPath selectors for your automation and much more...
The Building Blocks of the Internet
Learn the fundamental technologies that make up websites and web pages
Improving Your Testing Through Operability
Gain the tools you need to become an operability advocate. Making your testing even more awesome along the way!
Essentials - Introduction to Software Development and Testing
Start your journey into software development and testing by learning what it's all about
Introduction to JavaScript
Dive deeper into testing and build automation tools by learning JavaScript
A Software Tester’s Guide To Chrome Devtools
Learn how to dig deeper into the Web with the use of Devtools
Introduction to Python for Software Testers
Speed up your testing by learning to script with Python
Introduction To Modern Testing
Learn the Modern Testing principles that will help the whole team deliver high quality software
Optimising Manual Test Scripts For An Agile Environment
Learn to adapt your test cases into a more agile context