Continuous Call for Contributions


Submit once and TeamMoT will aim to match you up to one of our many ongoing opportunities to contribute.

We now have a one-stop-shop for submitting to contribute to any of our events, virtual or in real life. Our events are always evolving and we are always looking for people to collaborate with.

No experience required. New and diverse voices are very welcome. Learn more...

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What formats are you open to contribute in? Choose as many as you like (with at least one).

Please state if you are willing to travel, or if you prefer contributing online only.

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Further information:

Contribution formats and what they mean:

  • 404 Talk: A lightning talk that is 4m 04s in length
  • 99 Second Talk: A 99 second virtual talk
  • AMA: Answer questions on a specific topic
  • Any: Your contribution will be considered for all formats
  • Article: Text based content, generally 1000 words+
  • Conversation: We match you up with someone else to talk about your topic of interest
  • Course: OnDemand Course, 1-3 hours in length, co-produced with Team MoT
  • Meetup: Speak at a local MoT Meetup
  • Talk: 20-40 minute talk
  • Workshop: Teach a topic collaboratively, 1 hour to a full day, state your preference!


  • Why have a continuous call for contributions? Instead of submitting for specific and multiple events we host it makes sense to submit your contribution once and leave it up to team MoT to do the work of matching it up with events and projects.
  • Can you provide more information of what the Continuous Call for Contributions is about? Of course, we wrote about it in more detail. Contact us via our web chat or via Slack for any questions.
  • How long does my contribution stay in your system? We delete submissions after one year.
  • How do I know the status of my contribution? Go to My MoT > My Proposals to review the status
  • How often do you review submissions? We review them continuously and will email you to invite you when we believe there is a match.