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In 2020, we paid contributors £55,587 collectively for their work with Ministry of Testing

Everyone has a story to tell, or knowledge and skills they can teach and Ministry of Testing is here to help you share them. We believe in co-creating better testing, which means supporting you in planning, creating and sharing your stories and skills in the best possible way.

The benefits of co-creating with Ministry of Testing are:

  • Support from domain experts in teaching and software testing
  • Expert advice on writing, teaching and video/audio production
  • We pay for your time, offering passive income or one off payments for completed work
  • We will share your content across our global community

To make it easier for you to find opportunities to co-create with Ministry of Testing, we regularly publish calls for content. Our call for contents contain details on what topics we're looking to hear more about, the format we would like to you present in and how much you'll be paid for your work.

We currently don't have any contribution calls open at this time