Testers' Island Discs Ep 9 - Richard Bradshaw


This episode of Testers' Island Disc was supported by TestRail, The test management tool that makes testing simpler - it works the way you test. Learn more and try it for free at www.gurock.com/testrail.

It's a long-overdue trip to the island for the Ministry of Testing's own Richard Bradshaw, who joins Neil for a chat about the joys of mobile testing, as well as giving some insight into his new role as "BossBoss" and sharing information on some of the Ministry's new initiatives for 2018.

Richard's carefully-considered song selections are all based around some deeply personal stories, some of which you might already know, and some might be a surprise. Learn about his childhood hobbies, his university days, and discover which band becomes the first to appear twice on the podcast!

If you'd like to contact Richard about creating content for The Dojo, or any of the other topics that he discussed, you can reach him via email, Twitter or the MoT's Slack network.

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