Meetup and Software Testing Clinic Sponsorship

What are Meetups and Software Testing Clinics?

Ministry of Testing currently works closely with the community and the Software Testing Clinic to provide valuable and free events to the community.  We believe these are extremely important to the growth of the software testing industry and we are seeking ways for this to become more sustainable.

The number of MoT Meetups and Software Testing Clinics that run are on the up.  We are seeking the support of organisations to help us with the growth and to allow us to invest more time and resources into growing this valuable resource.

At its core, Meetups and Clinics are open and free to attend. Ministry of Testing currently subsidises many costs, but as they grow we are finding that we would be able to do so much more if we had the support of some companies.

What are we looking for?

Running any event is hard, lacking resources makes it even harder.  We have the support from people and the community.  We are looking to invest time and money into:

  • Supporting our meetups with their expenses – venue, food, speaker costs
  • Investing in and supporting a diverse community to participate and speak – we have a huge community that we reach out to, we need to be spending more time supporting them.
  • Investing into creating great, comprehensive and free learning experiences.

As of July 2017, we have 22 Meetup locations and 2 Software Testing Clinic locations.  Software Testing Clinics will be expanding in 2018 and take significant resources to get off the ground.

How does it work?

We are looking for organisations to support us in the following way:

Sponsor a single Meetup or Clinic – £250 – £500*

  • Option to hand out swag or promote an offer/announcement in meetup communications
  • Announcement/thank you at meetup
  • Sponsor listed on chosen event listing
  • Thank you Tweet

Sponsor 12 Meetups or Clinics, or a Clinic Season – 20% Discount

  • Option to hand out swag or promote an offer/announcement in meetup/clinic communications
  • Announcement/thank you at meetups/clinics
  • Sponsor listed on chosen event
  • Sponsor listed on the meetups groups sponsor page
  • Thank you Tweet
  • Listed as a main sponsor on our MoT sponsors’ page
  • Get your logo printed on a batch of 500 MoT notebooks, to be handed out at the events

Become an official supporter of our Meetups and Software Testing Clinics – £500 per year

  • Logo and link on our main sponsor page – £500 per year
  • Logo and link on our main sponsor page + sponsor listing on all our groups – £2000 per year

*The price depends on the meetup you are interested in, as some are much bigger than others.

Why support our free events?

  • It will help raise awareness of your company – great if you are recruiting or want to get your product in front of serious testers.
  • You will be supporting us bringing people together to learn about testing
  • You will be a part of changing people’s lives
  • You will be helping us create new content and learning material for everyone to consume freely
  • Our efforts combined will help us achieve more and move the software testing industry forward

If you’re interested in sponsoring a meetup or a clinic please contact us at