Software Testing Podcasts & Videos

A look at what software testing podcasts and videos are available on the web…


TestCast is new on the software testing podcast scene.  It is hosted by Bruce McLeod and Trish Khoo and discusses all things related to Software Testing, Test Management, Automated Testing and living the life of a software tester.


Delivered by Mark and Jim from ASP.NET QA Team at Microsoft share their views on software testing.

TWiST – This Week in Software Testing

Brought to you by STP and Matt Heusser.

Testing Stories From India

From Pradeep, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but some wise words to be listened to 🙂


Again, hasn’t been updated in a while, but some useful software testing podcasts are up for grabs.

James Bach

Just the two from James Bach on test coaching.

Michael Kelly

A collection of audio files from Michael Kelly.

Automated Testing Institute

Currently featuring 2 podcasts with Linda Hayes and Dan Downing.


Some videos, mostly on FitNesse are available on PairWith.Us’s Vimeo Channel.  Brought to you by Antony Marcano and Andy Palmer.

Software Testing Club Video Collection

We try our best to update our video section on STC.  Currently featuring 287 videos found across the web.

Watir Podcast

Željko Filipin talks with Watir developers and users about Watir.

Testing Podcast

An aggregation of Software Testing Podcasts.

RBCS (Rex Black Consulting Services)

A podcast delivered by Rex Black.

Rice Consulting

Have an archive of their podcasts.

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