Return of the Ministry of Testing Slack

TLDR; After many requests, we've restarted our Slack, but this time we're doing things differently.

👉 TLDR; After many requests, we've restarted our Slack, but this time we're doing things differently.

The Evolution and Thinking Behind Our New Slack

Communities go through evolutions, and Ministry of Testing has certainly gone through one with the Slacks we've cared for over the years. We've certainly learned a lot along the way and as the world continues to evolve, so does our community and Slack strategy.

After many requests, we're bringing back Slack to our ecosystem of offerings. We recently created a Slack as a way to collaborate closer with our Meetup organisers and hosts of our events. Slack was the obvious choice.

As we were setting it up, it felt so good. It felt effective to share things, get things done and celebrate along the way. The natural evolution felt like we should invite people who have a commitment to Ministry of Testing. Our TestBash contributors are a good example. But then we wanted to invite attendees of TestBash. And then anyone who contributes to The Testing Planet. 

And then as we've been revamping and improving our Professional Membership offering it felt good to invite Professional Members in. You can see how a Slack is never a simple case of inviting a just a few people.

A screenshot of the MoT Slack. It has 12 channels down the side and it is featuring some conversations from the 'announcements' channel.


Our Commitment Going Forward

We're currently going through a very long list of iterative changes. The Slack is a part of this. Yes it's a place to chat and hang out, but it's also a place to support you. It's our commitment to collaborating and getting stuff done.

Conversations are great for community. What's even better is action. This is what the Slack is for, we will use it to take action

Action might come in the form of:

  • helping Meetup organisers with their events
  • answering questions promptly
  • supporting speakers with their talks
  • MoT asking for help
  • Opportunities within MoT
  • members raising their hands do something new
  • connecting before and after events
  • sharing updates of what we've been shipping at MoT
  • and so much organising, of all the things

There are endless opportunities on how to use the Slack and it feels so much better than using email as a form of communication.

Our goal is to move forward swiftly and smoothly. Moving forward applies to your career, Ministry of Testing and our software testing industry. We are a community of action.

There are many ways to access The Slack

Of course, this is no small task with a tiny team behind the scenes. There is a barrier, but it is designed to make it a great, supportive and actionable Slack.

There are three main ways to access the Slack:

  • Professional Members: it's part of the Professional Membership offering, go to your MyMoT (top right hand corner) and look for "My Slack"
  • TestBash Attendees: check your email confirmations in your TestBash tickets for a link
  • Contributors: Past, present or future. Collaborators, speakers, hosts, moderators and anyone who has or will work with us. We're sending invites to current and future collaborators. Drop us a message if you are a past contributor.

Access to our Slack is lifetime, once you are in, you are in. ❤️

We hope to see you in the Slack!

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