Continuous Call For Papers


You can read more about our Continuous Call for Papers here.

You can submit to a TestBash location at any time. However we do have cut of dates for being considered for each year. Those are below. You won’t hear from us if your abstract is not selected, as it’ll stay in contention for all the locations you selected for two years.

  • Germany and Manchester are closed for 2017 now.
  • Philadelphia is on the 9-10th November, deadline for being considered for 2017 is 30th April. We’re looking for 30-45 minute talks, and conference wide workshops! To clarify more, a conference wide workshop would be more along the lines of an interactive talk. 200 attendees. We have a lot of space around the venue we can send people to do activities or so forth.

TestBash Continuous Call For Papers

Add your abstract into our database, and let us know which locations you would be willing to talk at.
  • Please select ALL the locations you would be interested in presenting at
  • If the type of session is 'talk' or 'something else' please let us know how much time you will need.
  • Provide at least three tags to help us with indexing your talk. E.g. 'automation, mobile, change, management' so forth.
  • By submitting this application I understand that:
    - My travel costs will be covered if my presentation is accepted
    - All TestBash talks will be recorded on video and made available publicly
    - Workshop presenters will receive a fee