The Testing Planet > Issue 3 > Done

After many months of reviewing (thanks Stephen Hill and Thomas Ponnet), refactoring, editing, designing, tweaking, losing content, re-finding content, moving content (thanks James Lyndsay for coming to the rescue to host our files temporarily) the 3rd edition of The Testing Planet has landed.

Sure, it’s a bit late…but it rocks..if I say so myself. We do hope you enjoy the third edition of The Testing Planet.

As usual there is a PDF download version, an online version and a printed version. We’ve even offered a bargain annual subscription price for 3 printed editions. And as always, please do feedback to us about The Testing Planet. It’s a magazine for the community so your feedback and input is essential to its continued value and relevance.

A great big thank you to all our contributors, our sponsors and our new designer, Thomas. A huge thanks to Stephen Hill and Thomas Ponnet for sub editing the articles.

A huge thank you also to all those who help promote The Testing Planet through your own networks and companies. It is very much appreciated.


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