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[Part of a series to help the community get the best out of The Software Testing Club]

Even before The Software Testing Club started I had started subscribing to software testing blogs via RSS feeds.  Once we started the online community I thought the information I had been gathering could be of great benefit to the community.

After a bit of investigating I found it was relatively straightforward to create one RSS feed from many – this has made it very easy to share with the community.

It started out with around 20 blogs featured, I’m losing track now, but there are probably around 200 blogs listed.  Through the growth of the software testing community we are constantly finding more new blogs.  We try our best to add them all in, but do sometimes miss some.  Not all of them are active, but the advantage is that if they do ever ‘reactivate’ it will be easy to see.

As it has grown, we have found that it is an invaluable resource to the community.  Not only does it allow people to stay up to date, but it also gives the new time blogger an opportunity to be discovered by their fellow software testing industry.

Initially we started featuring them on the right hand side of The Software Testing Club, but that has now expanded.  Blog updates now appear on:

  • Grab the RSS Feed – do use this RSS Feed as sometimes things get changed around.  This one is the ‘master’ one 🙂
  • www.softwaretestingclub.com – the right hand side
  • Testing Feeds website – this is much more comprehensive.  It aggregates all the blogs and also includes news from organisations, Jobs, Podcasts, etc.  We decided to ditch this part.
  • @testingfeeds – we created a dedicated Twitter account which automatically posts latest posts from the variety of our ‘categories’.

We do have a criteria to be listed.  It’s pretty straightforward.  If your blog looks interesting and not a copy/paste thing then we will add it to the list.  Sometimes we need to be told that it exists.  Just because we haven’t listed it, doesn’t mean we don’t want to.  Let us know by emailing testingfeeds@softwaretestingclub.com.

Also, an essential critieria is a valid RSS feed, we simply can’t do it without RSS.

How do you know your blog is listed?  Best way is to write a blog post and it should appear within a couple of hours across all areas mentioned above.  If you are still not sure then email Rosie – rosie[at]softwaretestingclub.com

If you have any feedback about the Testing Feeds, do let us know.  It is an ongoing evolution that we are always keen to improve.

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