The Testing Planet – Issue 10

The Testing Planet Issue 10The latest issue of The Testing Planet is now out!  It’s on the topic of Leadership and it has some fabulous articles and authors.

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We are really proud of this issue.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it what it is!

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We may be testers, but we are not perfect.  Plus the transfer of data manually (which is what we did) can be error prone. 🙂

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To prove how awesome this issue is, check out the line up we have:

  • Tester Tested! When My Leadership Skills Were Put To The Test By Pradeep Soundararajan
  • Will The Test Leaders Stand Up? By Paul Gerrard
  • Leadership in Testing – What Really Matters By Keith Klain
  • From “Fractal How’ to Emergent Empowerment By Neil Thompson
  • It Takes a Village: Training, Leading and Inspiring a Young Testing Team By Devon Tooley
  • Teachers, Children, Testers and Leaders By James Christie
  • So You Want to be a Leader, Huh? – By Bill Matthews
  • An Interview with Trent Peterson of AppThwack
  • Leadership Infographic Centre Spread
  • The Evil Tester’s Unconventional Influences By Alan Richardson
  • The 10 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Leader By Hilary Weaver
  • Leadership Cheat Sheet By Nilanjan Bhattacharya
  • Leadership for Scrummies By Bram Bonnenberg
  • High-Visibility Testing By Lisa Crispin
  • Book Review: Becoming A Technical Leader By Phil Kirkham
  • Software Quality, Testing and Defects by Phillip Hamilton
  • Rosie’s Mini Secret Guide to Leadership By Rosie Sherry

Regular Sections:

  • Cartoon by Torsten Zelger & Andy Glover
  • Testing Tips
  • New Books
  • News In Brief

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