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The Pen Game image
The Pen Game

In this adaptation of “The Pen Game” lateral thinking game, the challenge enables the audience to test “the system”, giving them control of testing their ideas.

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Dan Ashby

Director of Quality Services

Start A New Habit image
Start A New Habit

The Habit Map is a perfect way of identifying our regular habits, and the likely actions we are to take through the course of the da

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Alex Reynolds

Quality Engineering Community Lead at Lloyds Bank

API Automation image
API Automation

Write an automated script for using supertest.

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Julia Pottinger

Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks

Deconstructing your thought process! image
Deconstructing your thought process!

With this activity, we will explore how truly understanding and embracing the scientific methods of thinking

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Nithin SS

Engineering Manager, QA

RiskStorming image

The RiskStorming session format is a wonderful way of generating a visible Test Strategy

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Beren Van Daele


Storytelling for Testers image
Storytelling for Testers

This activity will involve you writing and sharing stories, gathering feedback about the story, then applying that feedback

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Gareth Waterhouse

Principal Test Engineer

Let’s Go Threat Modelling image
Let’s Go Threat Modelling

Learn how Threat Modelling works and also understand that threat modelling isn’t just for security engineers or lead developers

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Richard Adams

Senior Test Engineer

Employ Feature Mapping to Capture Requirements of a New Feature image
Employ Feature Mapping to Capture Requirements of a New Feature

Can the group employ Feature Mapping and figure out the requirements to build for the said feature?

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Kiruthika Ganesan

Head of Quality Assurance

Fast Track Coaching Skills For Testers image
Fast Track Coaching Skills For Testers

Experience the core fundamentals of coaching

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Performance Testing 101 image
Performance Testing 101

Learn about the key differences between front-end and back-end performance testing and why it’s needed to perform both

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Marie Cruz

Developer Advocate

Eliminating Code Smells image
Eliminating Code Smells

Identify code smells in your code with this team activity

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Christian Baumann

Principal Software Tester

The Most Awesome User-focused Dashboard image
The Most Awesome User-focused Dashboard

Put your users front and centre with this team activity

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Lewis Prescott

QA Lead

Experience Driven Accessibility Testing image
Experience Driven Accessibility Testing

Experiment with products using different accessibility tools

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Louise Gibbs

Senior Automation Tester

Would Heu-Risk it? - Lightning Mode image
Would Heu-Risk it? - Lightning Mode

Explore your own, your team’s and your application’s strengths and weak spots.

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Lena Nyström

Engineering manager, Author and Public Speaker

Observability in Automated Testing image
Observability in Automated Testing

Explore ways to evaluate how observable your test automation environments are

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João Proença

Quality Engineer

Create a High-Level Visual Ways of Working image
Create a High-Level Visual Ways of Working

Learn how to create a high-level visual Ways of Working (WoW) strategy outlining the key responsibilities and activities that QAs undertake

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Robbie Falck

QA Lead

Coach or Manager? You Decide! image
Coach or Manager? You Decide!

What are the differences and how does that affect how we work?

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Stephen Janaway

VP of Engineering

PowerPoint Karaoke - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable! image
PowerPoint Karaoke - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable!

PowerPoint Karaoke is an improvisation game where each person presents 5 slides to an audience without knowing the contents of the slides or the topic!

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