30 Days of AI in Testing

30 Days of AI in Testing

Uncover the potential of AI in testing through simple, short daily tasks

This 30 Days of Testing (30 DoT) challenge invites you to explore the impact of AI on software testing. You'll cover a whole range of AI-related topics, from the basics of prompt engineering to automated test generation, while also addressing ethics and bias in AI testing.

Whether you’re experienced or new to AI, this 30 DoT offers an opportunity to connect with the community and enhance your skills and understanding of AI in testing through daily, short and simple tasks.

How it works:

  1. A Ministry of Testing team member posts 30 tasks, plus a bonus one on our Club forum. Each task is in the 30 DoT category and tagged with “30-days-of-ai-in-testing”, so you can easily find and follow the posts.
  2. Reply to the topic posts with your responses. Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, seek advice, or offer support to others.
  3. Encourage meaningful discussions by engaging with other people’s replies. If you find someone’s response interesting or helpful, hit that :heart: button and let them know!
  4. Download the PDF version below and tick off as many as you can!


Bill Matthews's profile
Bill Matthews

Bill Matthews has been a freelance test consultant for over 20 years working mainly on complex integration and migration as a Test Architect and as a Technical Lead. He champions the use of modern and effective approaches to development and testing.

He is a regular contributor to the testing community at both local and international levels through conference speaking, coaching/mentoring and delivering workshops and training focusing on automation, performance, reliability, security testing and more recently artificial intelligence.

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