Ebooks for Software Testers

Ebooks for Software Testers

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Ebooks are often scattered across the internet and are hard to find. Here is a handy list of both free and paid for software testing ebooks we've found that you might find useful.

Free Ebooks

Paid For eBooks

More to add?

Are there any resources we’ve missed? Do you know of a software testing e-book we should add to the list? Share your findings on The Club and we’ll review it to be added to this list.

Educational Justice For Testers - Vera Gehlen-Baum
Escaping The Hamster Wheel Of Routine: Software Testers’ Edition
Fireside Chat: 25+ Years Career in Software Testing with Dave Harrison
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Episode One: The Companion
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MoT Intermediate Certificate in Test Automation
MoT Intermediate Certificate in Test Automation
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