Websites To Practice Testing

Websites To Practice Testing

Here's a handy list for software testers of websites to practice testing on.

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Here's a handy list of websites for software testers to practice their testing on that you might find it useful.

General Practice

  • The Internet and it’s associated GitHub project - A site with a collection of various things you would encounter in most web applications like “Forgot password”, “Checkboxes”, “Redirect Link”, “Hovers”, etc.
  • Tracks - A Ruby-based ToDo web application which is customisable and can be run on any platform on which Ruby can be installed, including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Tracks is Open Source, free and licensed under the GNU GPL.
  • Random User Generator - API for generating random user data.
  • The iframe Search Engine - an app that supports testing practice and technical testing exercises.
  • Presta Shop - A demo e-commerce site. You can view the site as a user or an admin. There are built-in options in the header to select what type of device you’d like to view the site on too.
  • PHP Travels - A demo travel site where you can log in as a user, admin or travel supplier.
  • Mercury Tours - A demo travel booking site with some fun bugs hidden in it.
  • InstantWP - A local WordPress installation that you can use to test on.
  • Parking Calculator - A great page to practice your exploratory testing skills.
  • The Random Number Service - Another great page to practice your exploratory testing skills.
  • Testing Challenges - a set of fun puzzles and challenges to help with testing techniques.
  • Glitchplay - a Video Game Testing Challenges platform. The user plays the games looking for bugs.


  • The Star Wars API - An API where you can get all the data from the Star Wars canon universe.
  • JSON Placeholder - A free online REST service that you can use for tutorials, fake data and sharing code examples.
  • Zalando Shop API - Practice get commands.
  • Restful Booker - A demo web API packed with features and bugs for you to find. You can use it to practise your API testing skills against or test an API automation framework against.
  • TodoAPISample - A web UI with a REST API, and you can test both (together or separately), however you want.
  • Marvel API - A sample API filled with Marvel comic data.
  • Ergast Developer API - An experimental web service which provides a historical record of motor racing data for non-commercial purposes.
  • WireMock - Typically used to mock external service calls, it can double as a playground for learning API testing.
  • Yandex - Practice with the Yandex online machine translation service which helps translate text for end users.
  • ReqRes - A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests.
  • The Open Movie Database - A RESTful web service to obtain movie information.
  • REST test test - A native in-browser tool for testing REST/CORS services.
  • Poké API - All the Pokémon data you'll ever need in one place, easily accessible through a modern RESTful API.
  • Dummy REST API - A fake online REST API to practice GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods.


  • Automation Practice - A practice e-commerce website to practice your Selenium skills on.
  • Selenium Testing Tasks - A page to practice some simple Selenium tasks.
  • Execute Automation - A test site for Selenium practice with a user form containing various controls you’d commonly see in sign up for websites.
  • Tools QA - A demo site to practice Selenium on.
  • Global SQA Demo Site - an AngularJS website to practice your automation skills with.
  • Awful Valentine - A mock online card purchasing store.
  • Automation in Testing online - A practice site that can be used for automation or other forms of testing practice.
  • JSON Server - Practice API testing on your local machine.
  • Meetup API - Provides simple RESTful HTTP and streaming interfaces for exploring and interacting Meetup platform from your own apps.
  • Trello Developer API - A REST API for the popular task management tool, Trello.


  • Ticket Magpie - Ticket Magpie is a safe place to practice and learn security testing.
  • Google Gruyere - A safe space to practice finding security vulnerabilities and learn how to exploit them.
  • Supercar Showdown - A website provided by Troy Hunt as part of his Pluralsite course “Hack yourself First”.
  • Zero Bank - Free online demo any website is published by Hewlett-Packard, for detecting and reporting Web application vulnerabilities.
  • OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory Project - A registry of all known vulnerable web applications currently available for legal security and vulnerability testing of various kinds.
  • OWASP Broken Web Applications Project - A collection of vulnerable web applications that is distributed on a Virtual Machine.
  • OWASP Juice Shop - An intentionally insecure web app for security training written entirely in JavaScript which encompasses the entire OWASP Top Ten and other severe security flaws.
  • Hack-me - A place where you can build, host and share vulnerable web application code for educational and research purposes.



More to add?

Are there any resources we’ve missed? Do you know of a website we should add to the list? Share your findings on The Club and we’ll review it to be added to the list.

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