Ask Me Anything - Talking Testing With Stakeholders

30th October 2023
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Nicola Lindgren

Quality Engineering Manager

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Navigating Challenging Stakeholder Conversations
Breaking Down Technical Jargon
Approaching Less Technical Stakeholders
No-nos When Talking To Stakeholders
Listening to Experiences
Seizing the Opportunity to Learn
Misconceptions Stakeholders Commonly Have About Testing
Dealing with Shrinking Time Estimates
Transparency and Education
Managing Scope and Resources
Handling Time Constraints from Developers
Shaping The Value of Testing to Stakeholders
Influencing Stakeholders Based on experience
Tips For Getting Buy-in From Different Audiences
The Importance of Understanding
Challenging the Fallacies of Automation
Closing Remarks
Unlock the invaluable insights from our "Talking Testing with Stakeholders" Ask Me Anything with Nicola Lindgren. Watch as Nicola expertly bridges the gap between testers and stakeholders, as she answers key questions from the community.

Discover how Nicola navigated challenging stakeholder conversations, simplified technical jargon for non-technical stakeholders, and avoided common pitfalls in testing discussions. Learn her strategies for clarifying misconceptions, justifying testing estimations, and emphasizing the value of testing to external stakeholders.

Find out if her advice varies based on testers' experience and roles, and gain tips for tailoring your message to different audiences, from management to the team. Plus, understand why automating everything doesn't always equal better software quality.

Watch the webinar recording now and enhance your testing communication skills with expert guidance.
Nicola Lindgren's profile'

Nicola Lindgren

Quality Engineering Manager

I'm Nicola , a Quality Engineering Manager based in Malmö, Sweden. I'm constantly looking for ways to learn, grow and adapt. In the past, I have worked on projects in various industries including Education, Retail and e-Commerce.I was the founder of the Stockholm Software Testing Talks meet-up and a co-founder of the WeTest Auckland testing meet-up. I was also a frequent co-instructor for the BBST Foundations course. If you want to read my thoughts on software testing, feel free to check out my blog:
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