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Ash Coleman

Engineering Manager in Quality

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For this Ask Me Anything Ash Coleman joined us on the topic of Diversity in Testing, where she delves deep into the essence of community, inclusivity, and individual growth within the testing sphere. Drawing from her unconventional journey into technology, Ash emphasizes the inherent diversity in the testing field and advocates for a more welcoming environment that nurtures curiosity and open-mindedness. This discussion is not just about recognizing the value of diverse backgrounds in tech but also about actionable insights on personal and professional development, fostering an inclusive community, and the crucial role of organizations in supporting continual learning, especially as the industry shifts towards more technical demands. Whether you're new to testing or deeply embedded in its intricacies, this conversation offers fresh perspectives, encourages a broader understanding of quality in technology, and invites you to be part of a movement making tech accessible for all.
Ash Coleman's profile'

Ash Coleman

Engineering Manager in Quality

Ash, a former chef, put recipes aside when she began her career in software development, falling back on her skills in engineering she acquired as a kid building computers with her brother. A progressive type, Ash has focused her efforts within technology on bringing awareness to the inclusion of women and people of colour, especially in the Context-Driven Testing and Agile communities. An avid fan of matching business needs with technological solutions, you can find her doing her best work on whichever coast is the sunniest. Having helped teams build out testing practices, formulate Agile processes and redefine culture, she now works as an Engineering Manager in Quality for Credit Karma and continues consulting based out of San Francisco.
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